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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

ONELAN’s Export Sales Growth

ONELAN has extended its global reach with an impressive increase in export sales.

The company’s export strategy formulated last summer focussing on making the user interface work in multiple languages e.g Arabic, Chinese, Japanese has been very successful, and has paid dividends particularly in the Middle East. Sales are growing strongly despite the global economic crisis, with export sales to the end of June already exceeding the total for 2008.

Communicating to an audience who change every day with ONELAN Digital Signage

July 2009…… Digital Signage Specialist ONELAN has installed Net-Top-Boxes throughout Avanta’s serviced offices for a consistent corporate look and feel.


Avanta provide a range of services, from serviced offices to virtual offices to ad-hoc meeting rooms. They offer these services in prime locations around the UK and in India. Customers can hire rooms either by the hour, weekly, monthly or yearly. The customers maybe large corporate firms who need to have extra space or small one-man-bands looking to hold professional meetings for a morning.

What was required
They were looking for a consistent corporate look and feel, throughout all their offices. However they needed to have a means to be able to adapt their foyer environments suitably for their ad-hoc customers as and when required. It was felt that there was also a need to supply information relevant to the businesses visiting the offices.

How to do it?
It was felt that a Digital Signage Solution would achieve all of the above priorities. ONELAN’s Net-Top-Boxes (NTBs) were chosen as the Digital Signage solution, due to their flexible scaling options and the layout designs available. To reach such a large audience base, the screen layout flexibility and scheduling were of high importance. The ONELAN NTBs allow a screen to be divided up into different Zones, which allow different media formats such as Live TV feeds, RSS feeds, animations, still images and audio. Thereby allowing the flexibility within the Avanta layout to brand the screen appropriately for the visiting customer at that time.

A screen and NTB have been placed in the foyers of each of the office buildings, attracting the attention not only of their customers, but also the visitors from other organisations visiting them. The screens show live satellite feeds, the latest traffic information, welcome messages and directions to meeting rooms. This provides an informative and worthwhile display to be appreciated by any visitor.

The End Result
The ONELAN Digital Signage solution has been of benefit to all concerned and there have been positive comments from customers and their visitors.

“The ONELAN digital signage system has enhanced our profile with our clients and visitors at the various buildings around the UK and in India. The layout of the screen has met with our request for anonymity but subtly includes our corporate colours. Visitors' attention is drawn to the screen with an eye-catching welcoming message and an active screen rather than a static message. Those clients requiring visual representation on the screen are accommodated and they feel that their
image has been enhanced with their clients.

We are very pleased with the system and are continuing to install in our new offices”.
says David Kinnaird, Commercial Operations Director.

Friday, 17 July 2009

New NTB500: ONELAN Goes Greener With a Powerful Solution

ONELAN are delighted to announce the release of the new Century NTB500-P & NTB500-S. The key features are:

  • Small form factor: 223 x 178 x 26mm
  • Low power consumption: using less than 12W, this is a Green solution.
  • Capable of landscape or portrait multi-zone multi-media playout
  • Suitable for playout of Flash and PowerPoint content; a wide range of video formats is also supported, making this a versatile solution
  • Available in two versions:

    - NTB500P Publisher/Standalone

    - NTB500S Subscriber player

Any unit in the series combines with any other ONELAN Net-Top-Box (NTB) from the range to provide a cost effective solution for small to large networks.

The Century NTB500 is ideally suited to applications where the media player will be mounted behind the screen. It is perfect for environments which need multiple channels and screens such as in retail or in schools

New Japanese Reseller for ONELAN

ONELAN have signed up a new distributor, Peercom in Japan to increase their coverage in this region.

PeerCom, Inc. is a private company established in 2003 in Tokyo to sell computer and communication field products by importing advanced products from overseas.

Due to the recent rapid demand for digital signage in Japan, Peercom needed a simple to use solution with a Japanese interface to exploit this opportunity, and the ONELAN Net-Top-Box fitted the bill.

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