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Monday, 21 December 2009

DOOH from ONELAN for the Linderud Senter Shopping Mall

A cost-effective, low maintenance advertising system

The Linderud Senter Shopping Mall situated in Oslo, has 60 stores and houses offices for a wide range of healthcare services. The newly refurbished shopping centre covers five floors and is 32,000 m2.

Following their refurbishment the Linderud Senter wanted a combined Wayfinding and advertising system that was reliable, had low maintenance costs and would keep content update costs to a minimum. It was decided the sign should be double sided with one side interactive for a Wayfinder and store adverts, and the other solely for full screen advertising.

The ONELAN digital signage system and Urbanview Signboard were chosen by the Linderud Senter as its fully flexible system offers a Multi-Zone screen design giving the ability to run advertising, as well as Wayfinding with Touch Interactivity. Specifically this meant advertising content could be updated and scheduled entirely separately from the Interactive Wayfinding content.

A single zone system based exclusively on Flash was rejected due to the cost for content changes and time to update.

ONELAN's Digital Signage system provides the following advantages:

  • Touch capability - interactivity on the Wayfinding system brings another dimension to the screen and involves the customer, thereby attracting them to the advertising.
  • Multi-Zone - different Zones in each screen can be dedicated to different media and Playlists. This allows huge cost-savings when advertising needs to be updated, as only the Advertising Zone of the screen has to be changed without impacting the Wayfinding Zone.
  • Reliability, ensuring low maintenance costs – operating on a Linux base ensures reliability reducing the number of site visits needed.
  • Proof of Playout – ONELAN's auditing capability means it is possible to follow what media is being played, when and where, allowing The Linderud Senter to guarantee visibility to their advertisers.

What is installed
The Linderud Senter has installed 3 double sided Signboards each containing 2 Net-Top-Box (NTB) 5000s, one with a Touch Licence to enable the Wayfinding system to function,

End result – end user feedback
The Marketing Co-ordinator was very pleased with the ability to publish by date and time in order to ensure that the commercials are up-to-date during holidays.

“One of the stores in Linderud Senter registered a visitor increase of 50% from one week to the next when their commercial was shown on the Signboards” said Irene Karstad, Shopping Mall Manager, Linderud Senter.

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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

New Distributor in Chile for ONELAN

ONELAN have signed up a new distributor, Grupo Clan in Chile to increase their coverage in this region.

Established in 2004, Grupo Clan are a leading supplier of Digital Signage and In-Store Music Services.

Grupo Clan chose ONELAN Net-Top-Boxes for the following reasons: They are based on a Linux Platform, they are reliable with a small form factor, and offer multiple-zone options.

This distributor has been successful in overseeing ONELAN installations in large retail chains in Chile such as

ONELAN at ISE 2010

At ISE 2010, Stand 12 E84 ONELAN will be focussing on Digital Signage and our latest software updates, and IPTV Omni-Server.

Digital Signage

ONELAN develops network appliances for standalone and end-to-end Digital Signage network solutions. The Net-Top-Box is a mul­timedia, multi-zoned solution capable of dis­playing stored media and live media e.g RSS feeds, webpages and broadcast or locally streamed TV. With a browser based user inter­face, the system is fully multi-lingual including all main European languages, and Korea, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic. Further mem­bers of the product family cater for Enterprise network management, Touch applications and integration with external data sources.

IPTV Omni-Server

ONELAN IPTV Omni-Server is a single box solution for networked delivery and storage of free-to-air digital (DVD-T and DVD-S) TV content.

It provides a number of key functions within one appliance, firstly acting as an IPTV TV gateway which can take in Digital free-to-air TV broadcasts (DVB-T/Freeview or DVB-S/FreeSat) and re-broadcast out several TV channels onto a network. Any device on the network can then play back the live TV stream using a desktop PC TV software player, or a media player such as a ONELAN Net-Top-Box. A key benefit of this feature is the reduction in RF coaxial cable wiring required.

Another feature is for Analogue video Encoding. An analogue source e.g Live TV camera or output of a satellite set-top-box, can be encoded to an MPEG2 stream and multicasted onto an Ethernet network.

For broadcast distributed TV there is also typically a Web accessible Electronic Program Guide (EPG) feature that allows a user to choose a TV program (or series of programs) to be transmitted at some time in the future and have them automatically recorded to disk. In a school or college this can be used to record educational TV programs, and replay video content to the classroom or directly to student PCs.

Finally, the inbuilt VoD Server acts as a repository for TV media recorded by the IPTV Omni-Server itself or other media created by the user.

ONELAN IPTV & Digital Signage at BETT

At BETT, ONELAN will be showcasing Digital Signage, Video Streaming, Lesson Capture and its latest Digital Signage IPTV Gateway products for education and illustrating how these solutions can enhance the learning experience. ONELAN will be demonstrating the simplicity of getting started with the Net-Top-Box digital signage media player at two box to screen demos on Wednesday 13th and Saturday 16th January.

ONELAN Digital Signage is used in Education, from Primary Schools through to Higher Education establishments. Through the use of screens placed in reception areas, staff rooms, canteens and student accommodation, Digital Signage is a proven method for communicating information instantly across an entire site, replacing existing noticeboards with dynamic, eye catching screens that can show everything from lunch menus to pupils’ work and details of after-school clubs.

Monday, 7 December 2009

ONELAN’s New Digital Signage Manager

ONELAN Digital Signage is pleased to announce the Digital Signage Manager (DSM), an Enterprise class solution for Digital Signage networks.

The DSM is an Enterprise class solution for management of larger Net-Top- Box (NTB) Digital Signage networks. It has been developed with the needs of larger retail and advertising client networks in mind and existing partners already providing digital signage as a service using ONELAN web based Net-Top-Box (NTB) systems.

Historically known for smaller networks, ONELAN now has a number of retail and advertising led networks based on the robustness of its Linux based player. The release of the DSM gives these clients the tools they need to manage and grow their networks and takes ONELAN into new territory as far as competing for larger Enterprise projects. The DSM is a multi-client system with individual user credentials for each customer network. It is scalable and has been tested for multiple users on networks of up to 1000. NTBs operate in ‘dial-out’ mode for easy monitoring from behind firewalls. Existing customers can try the DSM with up to 5 NTB players free of charge.

The key features of DSM are as follows:

The DSM is designed for monitoring channels of NTBs. To ensure a NTB network is working smoothly, the live operational and environmental health of the network is reported on with regular status reports and email alerts when alarms are raised or lowered. By using the DSM Standard Report, the progress of NTB Channel Manager Publish and Subscription operations can also be easily monitored. Reports may also be created for specific operational needs.

Remote Maintenance
The DSM can act as a Virtual Private Network (VPN) server, allowing groups of NTBs to join a network of Secure Capped VPN tunnels. The (VPN)-in capability helps to avoid costly site visits as it enables remote configuration and maintenance. An authorised operator of the DSM can access remote NTBs even if they are located behind firewall-routers.

This facility significantly reduces the need for onsite maintenance, and therefore reduces on-going operation cost and increases uptime.

Media Playout Audit
The DSM also provides summaries of what media has played at each remote NTB or group of NTBs. This feature gives proof of performance reporting for all scheduled media, eg proof of advert playing.

Download the Product Datasheet

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

St. Aidan's Academy: Transformation of Communications with User Friendly Digital Signage

St Aidan’s Academy are a Church of England secondary school funded by the government, and sponsors the Church of England and business entrepreneurs Anne and David Crossland. The school became an Academy in September 2007, providing 700 places for local 11 to 16 year olds. The school is committed to working with the community and to developing family and adult learning.

Project objectives

Digital Signage has been adopted by St Aidan’s Academy to communicate with both staff and students, and to promote the school to visitors. There was also a requirement to enable each department to promote their own activities.

Alan Dick, Assistant Principal, at St Aidan’s Academy, first saw ONELAN’s Net-Top-Boxes (NTBs) at the BETT show in 2009, and having researched their capabilities, decided to install digital signage.

What is installed?
One NTB615 Publisher unit is installed in the Academy’s Server Room. In addition there are eleven NTB610 Subscriber units using Smart-e CAT5e SLX111units to distribute the signal to display screens throughout the school. One of these screens is in reception, another in the library, two are located in the canteen, and the others are situated in various open spaces throughout the site.

How to do it
Currently St. Aidan’s are using Channel Manager to update the NTB610 Subscriber units with new content and information. This is being run as a single channel using the Ad Hoc feature to allow local content to be added to specific screens. A third party IPTV system is being used to drive video on demand (VOD) across the digital signage network. The system is managed centrally by a Network Manager, and an initiative is now underway whereby a number of hubs has been created, each with their own Manager responsible for hub content.

Digital signage content
A wide range of content is displayed, including photographs of events and activities at the school, media, exam information, canteen menus and opening details, examination timetables, PowerPoint presentations, and news reels. In addition each house has recently completed a ‘day in the life’ video that is displayed on the digital signage.

End result – end user feedback
"The introduction of the ONELAN solution has transformed communication between staff and students. The solution is so user friendly and accessible that we have a number of staff actively controlling the 14 LCD screens throughout the building, displaying a variety of information including canteen menus, exam information, student presentations and notices” says Alan Dick, Assistant Principal at St. Aidan’s.

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