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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

ONELAN at ISE 2010

At ISE 2010, Stand 12 E84 ONELAN will be focussing on Digital Signage and our latest software updates, and IPTV Omni-Server.

Digital Signage

ONELAN develops network appliances for standalone and end-to-end Digital Signage network solutions. The Net-Top-Box is a mul­timedia, multi-zoned solution capable of dis­playing stored media and live media e.g RSS feeds, webpages and broadcast or locally streamed TV. With a browser based user inter­face, the system is fully multi-lingual including all main European languages, and Korea, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic. Further mem­bers of the product family cater for Enterprise network management, Touch applications and integration with external data sources.

IPTV Omni-Server

ONELAN IPTV Omni-Server is a single box solution for networked delivery and storage of free-to-air digital (DVD-T and DVD-S) TV content.

It provides a number of key functions within one appliance, firstly acting as an IPTV TV gateway which can take in Digital free-to-air TV broadcasts (DVB-T/Freeview or DVB-S/FreeSat) and re-broadcast out several TV channels onto a network. Any device on the network can then play back the live TV stream using a desktop PC TV software player, or a media player such as a ONELAN Net-Top-Box. A key benefit of this feature is the reduction in RF coaxial cable wiring required.

Another feature is for Analogue video Encoding. An analogue source e.g Live TV camera or output of a satellite set-top-box, can be encoded to an MPEG2 stream and multicasted onto an Ethernet network.

For broadcast distributed TV there is also typically a Web accessible Electronic Program Guide (EPG) feature that allows a user to choose a TV program (or series of programs) to be transmitted at some time in the future and have them automatically recorded to disk. In a school or college this can be used to record educational TV programs, and replay video content to the classroom or directly to student PCs.

Finally, the inbuilt VoD Server acts as a repository for TV media recorded by the IPTV Omni-Server itself or other media created by the user.

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