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Monday, 7 December 2009

ONELAN’s New Digital Signage Manager

ONELAN Digital Signage is pleased to announce the Digital Signage Manager (DSM), an Enterprise class solution for Digital Signage networks.

The DSM is an Enterprise class solution for management of larger Net-Top- Box (NTB) Digital Signage networks. It has been developed with the needs of larger retail and advertising client networks in mind and existing partners already providing digital signage as a service using ONELAN web based Net-Top-Box (NTB) systems.

Historically known for smaller networks, ONELAN now has a number of retail and advertising led networks based on the robustness of its Linux based player. The release of the DSM gives these clients the tools they need to manage and grow their networks and takes ONELAN into new territory as far as competing for larger Enterprise projects. The DSM is a multi-client system with individual user credentials for each customer network. It is scalable and has been tested for multiple users on networks of up to 1000. NTBs operate in ‘dial-out’ mode for easy monitoring from behind firewalls. Existing customers can try the DSM with up to 5 NTB players free of charge.

The key features of DSM are as follows:

The DSM is designed for monitoring channels of NTBs. To ensure a NTB network is working smoothly, the live operational and environmental health of the network is reported on with regular status reports and email alerts when alarms are raised or lowered. By using the DSM Standard Report, the progress of NTB Channel Manager Publish and Subscription operations can also be easily monitored. Reports may also be created for specific operational needs.

Remote Maintenance
The DSM can act as a Virtual Private Network (VPN) server, allowing groups of NTBs to join a network of Secure Capped VPN tunnels. The (VPN)-in capability helps to avoid costly site visits as it enables remote configuration and maintenance. An authorised operator of the DSM can access remote NTBs even if they are located behind firewall-routers.

This facility significantly reduces the need for onsite maintenance, and therefore reduces on-going operation cost and increases uptime.

Media Playout Audit
The DSM also provides summaries of what media has played at each remote NTB or group of NTBs. This feature gives proof of performance reporting for all scheduled media, eg proof of advert playing.

Download the Product Datasheet

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