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News & Awards

Monday, 13 December 2010

ONELAN Strengthens its position in Latin America

ONELAN have employed the services of Alvaro Amar Zajer to manage their rapidly growing presence in Latin America.

A seasoned digital signage professional, Alvaro brings his extensive experience in the Audiovisual industry spanning the last ten years, both as a customer and as a consultant / system integrator.

He was involved with digital signage installations at Santiago’s Airport
and BCI bank in Chile, and more recently worked as Grupo Clan’s Technology Manager rolling out digital signage at LAN airways, Paris Department store and R&K eye stores to name but a few.

Hugh Coghill Smith, ONELAN’s Sales and Marketing Director says “we are delighted that Alvaro is joining us – he has already been a key asset in our recent wins in South America”

Friday, 26 November 2010

Dutch Hospital is Prescribed ONELAN to Improve Patient Communications

The Diaconesse hospital is a medium-sized regional hospital located in Zeist in the Netherlands with outpatient clinics in Meppel, Steenwijk and Vollenhove.
ONELAN digital signage was chosen as the best solution for communicating with patients and to control the flow of patients coming into the hospital. The hospital wanted to operate more efficiently; prior to the digital signage installation, it was a full time job for one nurse to manage the patient flow. In addition, Diaconesse wanted to make wayfinding around the hospital as straightforward as possible.
The digital signage needed to be able to display information clearly and simply to patients who are not only unwell but may also be e.g. elderly or shortsighted. In addition the information needs to be very easy to assimilate, as patients will just glance quickly at it. Considerable research was undertaken with a communications advisor to establish the best background colours and fonts to use for this particular audience.
Nineteen ONELAN Net-top-box (NTB) 510 and (NTB) 5000 players are installed, driving 42” screens.
The screens display just one zone for clarity, the only additional feature being an html clock.
The system is managed by ADL in the Netherlands and a local dealer. Daily content is changed by the nurses themselves. e.g Availability and schedules of doctors, reasons for doctors’ delays or absence, and patient appointment times. This is achieved using ONELAN’s Ad Hoc capability. Ad-Hoc is a simple facility for local changes and input of messages, announcements, visual paging, table data, TV selection and layout changes.
The ONELAN digital signage has considerably improved communications between the hospital and its patients, as well as reducing costs, as there is no longer the need for a nurse to manage the patient flow.

Monday, 22 November 2010

ONELAN Finalist at Thames Valley Business Magazine Awards 2011

ONELAN is delighted to have been selected as a finalist in the Export category of the Thames Valley Business Magazine Awards 2011.
Export sales now represent 40% of ONELAN’s total sales.

ONELAN at ISE 2011

At ISE 2011 at the Amsterdam RAI, Stand 12A92 ONELAN will be exhibiting Digital Signage and the latest software updates, IPTV Omni-Servers and their Data Collection Engine.

Friday, 12 November 2010

LG Electronics use ONELAN Digital Signage for Impact at Peru’s Jockey Plaza Shopping Centre

Nov 2010…….LG Electronics is a multinational company that believe that technological innovation is the key to success in their marketplace. Founded in 1958, they have led the way in introducing advanced digital products and applied technologies to their customers. With commitment to innovation and assertive global business policies they aim to become a worldwide leader in advanced digital technology.

LG Electronics wanted to successfully brand their products using digital signage at the Jockey Plaza Shopping Centre, one of the largest and most popular shopping malls in Lima, Peru. They chose digital signage as they felt it would be an excellent tool for their marketing purposes as it attracts potential customers attention through dynamic media content. Furthermore it is an exciting new technology for Peru.

The system required by LG Electronics needed to be reliable, and controllable through a Local Area Network (LAN) as well as remotely via a Wide Area Network (WAN).

48 LCD Monitors are tiled together placed one next to each other around a 50 meter circular perimeter at the Jockey Plaza Shopping Center, creating a 360 degree media illusion.

There are three groups:

One ONELAN Net-Top-Box (NTB) 5505 player drives a group of 20 monitors in 5x4 video wall mode (Northern Video Wall).
One ONELAN NTB60 player drives two groups of 4 monitors in 4x1 video wall mode (Eastern & Western Video Walls).
One ONELAN NTB5505 player drives the last group of 20 monitors in 5x4 video wall mode (Southern Video Wall).

The 5x4 video walls are not placed as “regular squared” video wall: the second column is placed beside the first column, the third one beside the second column and so on.

By using this set up the cost savings are considerable as three ONELAN NTB players drive 48 LCD Monitors instead of having to use 48 ONELAN NTB players.

The system is being managed remotely: a LAN has been deployed with 53 Network Points (LCD monitors and NTBs included).

LG Electronics are very happy with the results and were particularly pleased that the project was delivered successfully in time for key advertising during the football World Cup 2010.

Monday, 8 November 2010

ONELAN’s New V8.02 Software Release

ONELAN is delighted to announce its latest software release version 8.02, boasting several exciting new features that make more sophisticated content design faster and even simpler to achieve.

Firstly the user interface has been made even more intuitive and easy to use with Drag-n-Drop content into Playlists and the Content Library. Multiple content files may now be dragged from your desktop and dropped directly into Playlists and Folders on the NTB player.

Ad Hoc functionality has been further improved so that messages and branding seen by Ad hoc users can now be customised and the users input validated. The language and or the words used in the Ad Hoc user interface are fully customisable so the designer may tailor the Ad Hoc user interface exactly to the user or task. For example the logo of a company can be added to the Ad Hoc user interface web page and the menu language changed from English to the local language.

In V8.02 Webkit technology, as used by Apple's Safari browser and Google's Chrome browser, has been adopted for ONELAN’s new HTML player. This enables a host of new features that deliver significant benefits to content designers including the ability to achieve sophisticated creative effects for their Digital Signage content whilst taking advantage of lower cost players e.g the NTB510S. For example the background of an HTML page can now be transparent and Tables can have a transparent border and background, allowing superior design especially for table based content presentation eg flight information, menu boards, exchange rates etc.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

ONELAN China at Infocomm Asia 2010

Nov 2010…… ONELAN China will be showing the new Net-Top-Box (NTB) v8 software and Data Collection Engine (DCE) products at Infocomm Asia 2010, on 17-19 November, stand 14D02, at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong.

Infocomm Asia is Asia's largest technology event for information communication and systems integration. The show provides a trade platform for international suppliers to meet buyers from Asia and their emerging markets, while at the same time enabling Asian manufacturers to seek international trade representatives.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Tallink Sets Sail with ONELAN

Tallink is one of the largest passenger and cargo shipping companies in the Baltic Sea region. The company operates on seven shipping routes with twelve ships under the brands of Tallink and Silja Line.

Tallink wanted to make their ships’ digital signage systems consistent and centrally manageable, with central organised media creation and delivery.
Seven ships in Tallink’s fleet already have digital signage systems installed, and because some of the systems were from different providers, content needed to be created in 3 or 4 different formats and with different resolutions. Furthermore as the digital signage was standalone for each ship, all media had to be provided to individual ships on USB sticks every time changes and updates were required. The ONELAN digital signage system has been installed and is managed by SiseTV.

M/S Baltic Queen is the newest ship and has the most advanced ONELAN digital signage system, comprising the following:

· 8 ONELAN Net-Top-Boxes (NTBs) in the onboard shop for showing point of sale advertising on 37” screens

· 8 ONELAN NTBs in cafés and restaurants for menu displays on 22” screens

· Two ONELAN NTBs with 42” screens at the information desk for officers and crew, and to provide latest cruise and entertainment information

· One ONELAN NTB is for onboard TV channel (distributed in cable TV network) showing Tallink’s corporate films and presentation films of destination cities. At the same time other zones are used for cruise schedule information, entertainment information and special offers.

· One ONELAN NTB entertains kids with cartoons in the childrens’ play area.

The digital signage on all Tallink Ferries’ ships is managed centrally from land via a single ONELAN NTB publisher media player.
Local information is added and updated on the ships by information clerks, shop managers, cruise managers using ONELAN’s Ad-Hoc capability. The more sophisticated content and system management is undertaken by SiseTV.

The main issue encountered with the digital signage was networking with ships when they are at sea. The satellite connections needed have quite narrow bandwidths and are very expensive. This problem was solved by programming the NTBs in such a way that large files are only acquired and downloaded when ships are in harbour. In this way regular wireless connections can be used.

Another issue that had to be resolved was distributing video signals to screens via additional cabling. It is very complex adding cabling on a ship as everything must be both waterproof and fireproof, and meet exhaustive safety and other regulations. This issue was overcome by using existing cable TV network or modern video over IP solutions that utilize the existing LAN network.

End user feedback
The digital signage has had a very positive impact on Tallink’s corporate image as passengers can find information much more easily and like the graphic displays showing up to date schedules, offers, tickets, menus and news.

The system is very reliable: ‘ONELAN runs 24/7 for 99% of the time’.
ONELAN digital signage is easily scalable - you can start with only one NTB and scale the system gradually to hundreds (or thousands) with no need to replace the first one. The Ad Hoc facility is very easy to use for non-technical users: information clerks, shop managers and cruise managers are very happy with the simplicity with which they can ‘air’ their messages.’ Mallar Prandi, SiseTV.

Friday, 15 October 2010

SECC Signs up and Drives down Costs with ONELAN

The Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC) has multiple exhibition halls that are rented out to a wide range of clients. Content had to therefore be changed daily or weekly for multiple halls to advertise the various events. They wanted to install signage that was more eye catching and sophisticated than traditional print for light boxes, and at the same time cut costs.

Before ONELAN digital signage was installed, each hall had a designator sign which SECC supplied as part of each client’s contract. These showed details of the relevant event on backlit fluorescent signs and comprised rudimentary graphics with the occasional logo for an additional charge.
SECC had a company that produced new signs for every event, at an annual cost of around £35,000. The event signage is part of the client contract and as such a cost to SECC.

The Exhibition Centre decided to introduce digital signage to both save money and simultaneously improve the impact of the exhibition hall displays.

They already had ONELAN digital signage installed in the concourse running eight displays around the building, and they already have someone who manages the content for this, so the decision to use ONELAN for replacing the backlit signs was straightforward.

Twelve ONELAN 500 subscriber Net-Top-Boxes (NTBs) and one ONELAN NTB 5000 publisher unit are installed In each exhibition hall, a ONELAN NTB 500 operates as a subscriber unit running 65” plasma screens above each main door, and two smaller 50” portrait screens above the smaller side doors, that can all show PowerPoint and play videos. For each event, the client is offered two slides as standard with an additional charge for any additional slides.

The signage for each event is more detailed, eye catching and looks better generally. The graphics for each event can be more sophisticated and changed seamlessly for the next client using a given hall. With the old system of backlit fluorescent signs, there was a considerable time lag between the end of an event and the installation of new displays for the next.

In the box office ONELAN digital signage is used for displaying events and queue information. More recently another system has also been installed showing train times.

SECC are very happy with ease of use of their ONELAN digital signage and the fact that it is so easily monitored and cost effective; within two years the signage will have paid for itself.

Friday, 1 October 2010

ONELAN’s TV Gateway selected as Streaming Media Finalist

ONELAN is delighted to have been shortlisted as a top-3 finalist in the TV over IP Solution category of the Streaming Media European Readers' Choice Awards with their TV Gateway (TVG).

The TVG provides a cost effective way of delivering multi-channel content to users in a range of scenarios e.g improving reception and communal areas, delivering key sporting and entertainment events to clients and customers and allowing employees to watch Freeview content in a managed environment.

Whitepaper: Schools TV - Digital Signage in Education

The video generation has come of age, and this is particularly relevant to education; going digital is a necessary transition for today’s schools and universities. Students are accustomed to interacting with technology on a day to day basis with the majority of children having grown up with computer games, camera phones, music videos and You Tube.

Video and images are increasingly their medium of choice for communication, so incorporating this into their school experience will help to engage them in the classroom, and improve their productivity.

A digital signage solution for education replaces static text and pictures with an eye-catching display that can incorporate moving images, video, TV, scrolling text and highlighted messages to create an impact.

Click on the link below to download the whitepaper:

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

ONELAN’s New Data Collection Engine

ONELAN is delighted to announce their New Data Collection Engine (DCE), to complement their expanding portfolio of Enterprise class products.

ONELAN’s Data Collection Engine is a framework of software functionality that provides connections between a wide variety of customer data sources to ONELAN’s Net-Top-Boxes (NTBs).

The DCE enables organisations of all sizes to unlock the value of previously inaccessible data. Information held in spreadsheets, databases and business systems can now be easily repurposed for use on Digital Signage, web pages and other rich graphical displays.

Two of the new connectors are the Microsoft Excel Business Connector and the Microsoft Exchange Business Connector.

The new Microsoft Excel Business Connector enables Excel data to be displayed directly on Digital Signage, enabling visibility of educational, sales & financial and other Excel-stored information.

Whether in Education, Health, Hospitality or Retail, organisations of all sizes use Microsoft Excel on a daily basis to store and manage data, boost productivity and gain competitive advantage.

The new Microsoft Exchange Business Connector enables users to deliver availability, messaging and organisational information directly to Digital Signage, throughout your organisation. Most organisations hold a wealth of information about facility and resource availability within Microsoft Exchange. The Exchange Business Connector unlocks and displays room and resource bookings to allow more efficient use of resources, without interruption to users and administrators.

Additional connectors are also available for XML and Text and separate Connectors, Google Calendar and SQL databases.

Monday, 27 September 2010

ONELAN AT Total Media in Spain

ONELAN will be supporting RPS Audiovisuales at Total Media on 6 and 7 October 2010 in Madrid, Spain. ONELAN products being shown at this leading event for the Professional Digital Signage, Kiosk and Mobile Marketing sectors include the new V.8 Net-Top-Box (NTB) Digital Signage software and new Data Collection Engine (DCE).

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

ONELAN at IBC 2010 10-14 September 2010

At IBC 2010 Stand IP304, ONELAN will be showing their new TV Gateway (TVG) product. The TVG has been developed following the success of ONELAN’s Omni-Server range. The TVG allows streaming over a network using a unique multi-unicast technique. The Omni-Server range allows recording of up to 20 TV channels and 20 radio stations, stored in a carousel mode, to be watched at anytime.

ONELAN now has customers across a broad spectrum of markets from corporates e.g Airbus, and retail e.g TalkTalk to education e.g. University of Bedfordshire. Existing ONELAN customers have been very receptive to the new product ranges for TV streaming.

TalkTalk Attracts New Customers with ONELAN

ONELAN Digital Signage has been chosen by TalkTalk to attract and communicate to new and existing customers.

TalkTalk wanted a means of attracting new customers into their Customer Experience Centre and selected digital signage as an effective tool for advertising their products and engaging people.

ONELAN digital signage was chosen as the most cost effective solution for TalkTalk’s requirements. ONELAN’s solution was also selected for its ease of use and ease of integration with TalkTalk’s existing IT infrastructure.

A ONELAN NTB 5505 is installed displaying content on 40” and 46” LCD screens throughout the store and a 3x3 video wall. The digital signage is fully integrated with the audio system.

ONELAN’s digital signage is used to show a range of content including TalkTalk’s live TV channel, proprietary video advertisements and RSS news feeds. The content is managed and updated onsite.

The main benefits of the digital signage system for TalkTalk are the fast transitions between different advertising that can be shown to clients as well as the ease of use for the individual changing the content.

About TalkTalk
TalkTalk is the broadband and home phone company launched by The Carphone Warehouse, committed to helping people gain access to fast broadband and home phone services at an affordable price.

The company launched in 2003 with a revolutionary home phone package, that enabled TalkTalk customers to talk to each other for free. In 2006, they were the first company to offer free broadband. This meant that broadband, which historically was very expensive, was available to all. Today TalkTalk continues to help their customers cut their costs without cutting back on the quality of service they receive.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

ONELAN Joins Forces with Enistic

ONELAN have undertaken a joint integration with Enistic, a leading provider of corporate energy management solutions for education establishments and businesses.

Enistic’s Energy Management System can now be integrated into ONELAN’s Digital Signage solutions and will record up to sixteen different energy consumption zones, showing how much power is being consumed by devices in each zone. This is particularly useful for schools where there is considerable pressure to be more energy conscious and ‘green’ and can be used as a tool for altering behaviour e.g by encouraging students to switch off lights.

There is easy access to real-time device data, and historical data. Reports can be viewed that show which devices could potentially be turned off in order to save money and reduce CO2.

In a corporate environment, reports can be viewed live on a screen e.g in a foyer, not just occasionally on individual staff desktops. On a Net-Top-Box (NTB), these reports can be combined with other dynamically changing information such as Live TV, RSS newsfeeds and weather forecasts.

ONELAN offer free layouts to any NTB owner that can be customised for their own energy consumption profile.

Illamasqua Makes Up with ONELAN

ONELAN digital signage has been installed at Illamasqua cosmetic counters both across the UK and internationally.
A London-based cosmetic brand, Illamasqua celebrated its first birthday in November 2009. Developed by leading chemists, manufacturers of stage and screen make-up and make-up artists, Illamasqua brings truly professional make-up to the high street for the first time. Thus far the success of their ‘make-up for your alter ego’ has been impressive, but the need for differentiation in a highly competitive market cannot be underestimated and Illamasqua decided to use digital signage to help achieve this.

ONELAN digital signage was chosen by Illamasqua because of its scheduling capabilities and flexibility. In addition it also fits easily into the network on each counter. Content is managed centrally by Illamasqua’s Strategic and Creative agency, Propaganda, and sent to each counter both in the UK and Australia. Each counter has an exclusive internet connection for their digital signage. ONELAN digital signage is used primarily to display Illamasqua’s new collection films, model and product photography. Occasionally offers are displayed relating to seasonal holidays such as Christmas and Valentines day etc. and also specific offers for particular regions.

Initially launched in Selfridges in Oxford Street, London, Illamasqua now have eight counters with ONELAN digital signage across the UK from Selfridges in the Trafford Centre in Manchester to Debenhams in Cardiff, and Belfast. In Australia digital signage has just been installed at an Illamasqua counter in Myer Sydney City. These all use ONELAN’s NTB 5500, driving a variety of portrait and landscape 30” and 40” screens. Illamasqua also have counters in Dubai and the USA.

‘The system provides us with continuity, reliability and versatility in handling the video content on counter’ Steve Rabbitt, IT Manager at Propaganda

Monday, 2 August 2010

Streaming Media Readers Choice Awards

We have been nominated in the Streaming Media Readers Choice Awards. Our nominations are for 'Best TV over IP Solution' and 'Best Streaming Innovation', please click on the link below to vote for ONELAN

Monday, 26 July 2010

Highbury College chooses ONELAN for High Impact Communication

Highbury College have selected ONELAN digital signage to improve College communications across their multi-site campus.

As part of Highbury College’s multi-million pound and multi-campus redevelopment programme the College sought a better way to communicate with its stakeholders in a modern and more efficient manner. Digital signage and in particular the ONELAN system offered this solution.

Highbury College wanted to display dynamic content, e.g live student timetable information from the student management information system that would provide useful and up to date information for students that changed automatically. As a multi-site organisation, Highbury wanted to ensure that consistent messages were published centrally to all sites. The digital signage system also needed to show RSS feeds with live content incorporating college news and events.

Highbury have installed five ONELAN Net Top Boxes (NTB) 615, four NTB 610s (one running as a publisher) and one NTB 510S.

All the NTBs are located in Data Server rooms around the college with signals distributed via Smart-E Cat5 solutions. While the NTB’s are spread across three campuses in Portsmouth, they are all working off the central publisher located at their main site.

As part of their digital signage network, Highbury also have ONELAN’s Data Collection Engine (DCE), a framework of software functionality that provides connections between a wide variety of customer data sources to ONELAN’s NTBs. At Highbury, the DCE shows Live Timetable around the college showing all lectures starting in the next 1/2hour in an “Airport” style layout with room, description, time, and lecturer information. For each different area, relevant information is displayed.

The system also enables the College to stream live TV to the student recreation areas and the College gym. The management of this can then be devolved to various College staff, with the Head of IT assured that they can only control areas of the system that they have been delegated to control.

The system is so flexible that various departments in the College can access and contribute to it. The Print Centre has overall responsibility, however a number of other departments are contributors.

“The ONELAN digital signage system is feature rich, extremely flexible and at the same time easy to use. We regularly have positive feedback from staff, students and visitors. Students really see the benefit of being able to see live timetable information. The College is also working on a number of other exciting projects to use the DCE to display other useful information such as student and staff profiles, environmental information and other information.” Paul Rolfe, Head of IT & Library Services.

About Highbury College
Highbury College has over 45 years teaching and learning experience, and takes pride in its commitment to equality and diversity, supporting students of all abilities from all backgrounds. The College provides a vast range of courses in and around Portsmouth, from first-step courses to university-level qualifications, specialised services for business and education in the community. Student success rates place Highbury in the top 10% of general further education colleges in England and the overall top-performing college in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Lord-Lieutenant of Oxfordshire presents Queen’s Award to ONELAN

Having won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2010 in the Innovation category, digital signage firm ONELAN received a visit from the Queen's representative The Lord-Lieutenant of Oxfordshire, Tim Stevenson, accompanied by two of his cadets, Tim Nye and Jonathon Holroyd.

Following a tour of the premises and a short presentation from David Dalzell, ONELAN’s Founder and Managing Director, the Lord-Lieutenant enjoyed a buffet lunch provided by local company Absolute Delights with ONELAN staff, the Mayor of Henley Councillor Mrs Jennifer Wood and the Vice Chairman of South Oxfordshire District Council Councillor Felix Bloomfield.

The award takes pride of place in the company’s already considerable array of awards.

In 2009, despite a challenging economic climate, the company saw sales growth of over 19%, representing a 27% increase in unit sales and continued profitable growth for the fifth consecutive year. Exports were largely responsible, with sales turnover up from 18% to 30% as ONELAN continues to extend its global reach.

Having established itself as a leading provider of Digital Signage to the Education sector, the company has continued to expand its product portfolio to address markets such as Retail and Health that require Enterprise Class solutions.

Innovative enterprise products that have been developed include the Digital Signage Manager, designed to remotely monitor and manage networks of Net-Top-Boxes e.g. in a large retail shopping mall. Another product is the ONELAN Data Collection Engine (DCE) - a solution for capturing, collating and re-purposing data held in customer IT systems for display on a ONELAN Digital Signage system in graphical form for example in a university or library. Also, the ONELAN IPTV Omni-Server is a single box streaming solution for networked delivery and storage of video content via Ethernet networks e.g. in shopping malls, large corporates or universities.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Up to the minute” Hotel reduces print costs with ONELAN Digital Signage

The Runnymede hotel wanted a facility to communicate information to guests effectively. Approximately 200 guests pass through the hotel daily.

Project objectives
Runnymede chose digital signage as it is contemporary and gives guests the impression of an ‘up to the minute’ hotel. In addition they were keen to reduce costs of printing of brochures and flyers that are used around the hotel. Digital signage can also be updated instantly, while a brochure reprint takes time.

They chose ONELAN digital signage for its ease of use and Ad Hoc capability. The hotel has 25 ONELAN Net-Top-Boxes installed. The Ad-Hoc capability is a simple facility for local changes and input of messages, announcements, visual paging, table data, TV selection and layout changes.

How the digital signage is being used
50” screens in the reception areas around the hotel show live TV and advertisements relating to activities within the hotel e.g availability of last minute space in the hotel’s beauty salon. Both are changed on a regular basis and eventually the aim is also to show videos of what’s on in the hotel. The digital signage also displays a RSS ticker feed showing up to date travel information and conditions around Heathrow and major road networks.

There is also a 63” screen for special events e.g weddings. This can show photographs of the wedding itself and the reception, during the wedding reception at the hotel. As the digital signage is instantly updateable, this can be achieved with ease.

In addition to the large screens in the reception areas, there are small 10” screens outside each meeting room, that are updated for each new client using the rooms to show company information and videos.

‘The ONELAN Digital Signage solution is perfect for our needs as it is very user friendly, easy to use and easy to update very quickly.’
Andrew Duggan, Runnymede Hotel

Monday, 5 July 2010

ONELAN help “Build School for the Future” with Digital Signage and TV Streaming

Castle View Enterprise Academy was established in September 2009 as one of five schools in Sunderland as part of the ‘Building Schools for the Future’ project. The City of Sunderland Council (cosponsor) and Northumbrian Water, the Academy’s lead sponsor, invested £17 million to build an Academy that specialises in Business, Enterprise and ICT.

Project objectives and scope
Castle View had a wide range of requirements from their ONELAN digital signage system including:

· A cost effective means of delivering information to visitors, students and staff
· Provision of live TV across the IP network for both broadcast material and local events within the school
· Recording to provide video on demand resources for learning
· A video on demand library
· The ability for teachers to create online learning resources.

With the Academy vision of being a regional leader in ICT, digital signage forms a critical part of this. Its flexibility, ease of use and dazzling displays are a new and innovative technology for this school and many of its staff and students. There was no technology quite like it in the original school prior to the rebuild.

Digital Signage Content Strategy
Castle View wanted to use the digital signage to display a range of information including adverts for school clubs, results of House competitions, birthday messages, display of televisions channels during breaks and lunches, behavioural league tables and event details.

The network comprises 11 ONELAN Net-Top-Boxes: 1 NTB 610 publisher and 10 NTB 510 subscribers. One of the key aspects of the project is the installation of two OmniServers. With the OmniServers, staff not only have an ‘off air’ recording solution but also the ability to link into the digital signage network. This provide the screens with live TV feeds for news and educational TV channels across the network infrastructure without the need to run additional RF cabling, thereby keeping additional costs to a minimum.

End User Feedback
Many schools and Academy’s across the country will testify that it’s logistically very difficult and slow to get messages across to a large number of people in a short space of time. Castle View is no exception and the adoption of ONELAN digital signage has dramatically changed this for the academy. Now, a wide range of information including messages, audio & TV programmes, updates and alerts can be easily disseminated to all of its students and teaching staff quickly without having to print endless posters and memo’s and manually distribute.

Staff and students are constantly knocking on my door asking if new things can be uploaded and many have commented on how much better it is to have a system that is eye-catching and gets their message across. In my role as Marketing and Content Administrator, the time saving aspects of this system are invaluable. I would strongly recommend this system to any business that wants to take itself forward in the way of signage and getting their message across.’
Gavin Willis, Marketing and Content Coordinator

Friday, 4 June 2010

Scots College: Hands-on Digital Signage Solution from ONELAN

Scots College is an independent day and boarding school for boys Years 1-13, in Wellington New Zealand. As an IB World School, Scots encourages students to excel in areas of academia, sport, culture, service and spirituality by providing a world-class education environment. In 2010, the Board of Scots College embarked on an ambitious campus development programme, which will see the college grow to a roll of more than 900 by 2014.

As part of the school-wide development, Scots introduced and implemented several information and communication technologies, including digital signage to display relevant and up-to-date information to staff and students.

All digital signage needed to successfully integrate with Scots existing network, display various types of content and most importantly be easy to use.

Scots requirements included indoor foyer signage to display student work and achievements, RSS feeds and notices to staff, students and school guests; as well as outdoor signage to display house notices and promote school events to students.

ONELAN's Net-Top-Boxes (NTB's) were chosen as the digital signage solution, due to their ease of use, content options, instant messaging and scheduling capabilities.

Scots College have installed six ONELAN NTB 610s, and six Mitsubishi 42” LCD Displays for viewing the content. Each screen has it’s own NTB unit enabling each screen to show unique content.

A wide range of content is displayed, including photographs of events and activities at the school, student work, upcoming events and timetables, PowerPoint presentations, and news reels. In addition students and staff in each house have access to their own layout so they can update messages and regular points tables on their own outdoor screen.

“Scots College purchased the ONELAN solution to display general notices in our newly refurbished foyer and House notices for the students. We have purchased six units to date and have been impressed with the quality and functionality of the devices. As we continue to grow the digital signage around the College, we will be looking to VideoPro to supply the ONELAN solution again. The support is very good both from VideoPro and ONELAN which is always a factor we consider. Support is only a phone call or email away.”
Mark Embleton, ICT Systems Administrator, Scots College.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Be a Hero: ONELAN ‘s TV Gateway brings Live TV to your desktop

The new TV Gateway (TVG) product from ONELAN Digital Signage enables delivery of live Freeview content to your desktop PCs.

Using Multicast streaming technology, up to 40 radio and TV channels can be delivered live to every desktop across your local office network. Multicast technology delivers multiple video streams to the desktop while reducing the impact on performance for existing network applications. This reduces the risk of network disruption and enables simplified deployment of the TVG on any modern network infrastructure, while happily coexisting with current business operations.

The TVG provides a cost effective way of delivering multi-channel content to users in a range of scenarios including improving reception and communal areas, delivering key sporting and entertainment events to clients and customers and allowing employees to watch Freeview content in a managed environment.

A single TVG can light up an entire campus network with any number of DVB-T TV and radio channels. This allows live off-air programs to be received by:
  • Digital Signage media players - such as ONELAN’s Net-Top-Box (NTB).
  • Embedded players – modern gym equipment and network enabled TVs
  • PC desktops – playable on most modern computers, with free software available for older PC’s.

Designed as a network appliance, the TVG provides all key functionality and status through its front panel, allowing PC users to view live Freeview content on their desktops within minutes of installation. The LCD front panel provides live status about bandwidth utilisation, channel availability and channels currently tuned, while more detailed configuration and status can be accessed using any modern web browser..

The TVG requires only a single TV aerial input, an Ethernet connection and power, and as such can be installed and streaming in minutes.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Eurochange S.A installs ONELAN Digital Signage

May 2010…… Eurochange S.A at Athens International Airport have installed ONELAN digital signage to replace their led-digit boards.

Eurochange S.A. operates currency exchange booths through out the Athens International Airport. The company was using classical led-digit boards to inform it’s clients about the Buy-Sell rates of International Currencies

They required a flexible, easy to use signage solution able to fulfil the following key project objectives:

  • Update prices on the fly, even off-line
  • Promote most of the company’s services on the same displays
  • Operate an easy configurable display, deleting, adding or reorganizing currencies at any time
  • Group displays and manage easily any centrally designed campaign
  • Communicate new services with attractive content for cross selling purposes

The ONELAN NTB610 with Ad Hoc capabilities was chosen as the digital signage solution; the Ad-Hoc capability is a simple, easy to use facility for local changes and input of messages, announcements, visual paging, table data, TV selection and layout changes.

The LCD panels were installed vertically to fit into limited available spaces and distinguish from other horizontal TVs as special information points.

Content wise, each display is split into two major areas: the upper part projects exchange rates in table format, while the remainder is devoted to payment methods, major offers and complementary services addressing traveller’s needs. In addition each booth is now capable of passing individual messages and change rates off-line if necessary. The Net-top-boxes also have on/off operation of the screens for improved energy efficiency.

Eurochange’s digital signage enables them to stand out from their competition, while fitting in well with the new airport booths. On-screen communication of new offers and services is now standardized, and it is quicker and easier to update exchange quotes.

The digital signage was installed by Panel TV, a Greek Digital Signage expert.

Friday, 7 May 2010

ONELAN’S New V7.4 software release

Digital Signage Specialist ONELAN are delighted to announce their latest software release V7.4.

Ad Hoc facilities have been made even easier to use; the Ad-Hoc capability is a simple facility for local changes and input of messages, announcements, visual paging, table data, TV selection and layout changes. For example, Ad Hoc can be used to localise the layout for an individual store in a retail chain. In a doctor’s surgery Ad Hoc messages can be set up so that the receptionist can quickly inform the patients if the doctors are running on time or not.

V7.4 also features conditional playout on a Net-top-box (NTB) by box basis. The Conditional play feature allows local information to control which Schedule is used and which items are played. For example a company head quarters can publish one channel of content with adverts in multiple languages from a publisher NTB and the players in each country will automatically select and play the advert correct for their location. This has the advantage of easing administration of media to large multi-country networks.

Another typical application of conditional playout is the display of weather information by location for which ONELAN provides a free service for 5000 cities of the world via the website

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

ONELAN Wins Queen's Award for Enterprise 2010

ONELAN Digital Signage is delighted to announce that they have won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2010 in the Innovation category.

In 2009, despite a challenging economic climate, the company saw sales growth of over 19%, representing a 27% increase in unit sales and continued profitable growth for the fifth consecutive year. Exports were largely responsible, with sales turnover up from 18% to 30% as ONELAN continues to extend its global reach.

Having established itself as a leading provider of Digital Signage to the Education sector, the company has continued to expand its product portfolio to address markets such as Retail and Health that require Enterprise Class solutions.

Innovative enterprise products that have been developed include the Digital Signage Manager, designed to remotely monitor and manage networks of Net-Top-Boxes e.g. in large retail rollouts. Another product is the ONELAN Data Collection Engine (DCE) - a solution for capturing, collating and re-purposing data held in customer IT systems for display on a ONELAN Digital Signage system in graphical form for example for factoring data or meeting room bookings. Also, ONELAN’s IPTV Omni-Server is a single box streaming solution for networked delivery and storage of video content via Ethernet networks e.g. in shopping malls, large corporates or universities.

Says David Dalzell, ONELAN’s Managing Director … “We are of course delighted to receive this award. The Queen’s Award for Enterprise is a very welcome recognition of the effort put in by our various teams to fulfil the whole product lifecycle for a leading edge set of products. We are proud to be able to create new products and grow profitably into a new world-wide market.”

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

ONELAN at Screen Media Expo 2010

Digital signage and IPTV specialist ONELAN will be exhibiting at Screen Media Expo 2010 in London from 5-6 May.
Enterprise tools including the Data Collection Engine (DCE) will be shown, as well as IPTV streaming and Digital signage solutions with Touch capability.

Friday, 9 April 2010

South Birmingham Primary Care Trust chooses ONELAN for Surgery Signage

South Birmingham Primary Care Trust (NHS) wanted a method for delivering messages to the patients at 65 surgeries across South Birmingham from their Head Office in Kings Norton. ONELAN Digital Signage was chosen to achieve this.

The Trust had the following key objectives for their digital signage:
  • To Educate - Answer common health and surgery questions thereby achieving improved staff productivity, fewer visits, better patient health and earlier patient awareness of health problems
  • To Entertain - Reduce perceived waiting time to achieve happier patients by showing live TV.
  • In an Emergency - Simple accessible method for communication of messages instantly
ONELAN Century NTB 615s have been installed in all 65 of the doctors’ surgeries, and three ONELAN Millenium NTB 5000s have been installed in the Head Office.

The content on the Century Series 615 Net-Top-Boxes (NTBs) in each of the surgeries comprises a combination of the following:
  • Practice updates
  • Local RSS News feed
  • Practice messages & alerts
  • Government health videos
It can be made relevant to the day’s surgery and easily changeable at the location by the receptionists. Ad Hoc messages are also set up so the receptionist can quickly inform the patients if the surgery is on time or not. This service gives the patients a relaxed signage system with pertinent information. There is also an override facility. If there is an incident e.g.: the recent swine flu outbreak, then HQ can override scheduled content to show the emergency content.

The main implementation issues involved included:

  • Overcoming security issues - With the obvious issues of patient confidentiality, security was of paramount importance. With the excellent security features of ONELAN’s NTBs any concerns were soon overcome. ONELAN is even approved for use in high security applications such as Government and Banking.
  • Overcoming user reluctance - It was essential that the NTB software interface was simple enough for NHS staff to use so they could update the information being displayed on the Net-Top-Boxes with minimal training. At the same time, the software had to be sophisticated enough for the signage requirements of the Trust Head Office.
  • Surgery Network Conformity - As every surgery has its own non standardised network, while the Trust Head Office is able to publish information on all the NTBs in every surgery, it is unable to ‘see’ whether each NTB is working properly, and whether there are any faults. To overcome this constraint, ONEMedia Services act as a go between, as they monitor all the local NTBs, and forward this information via email back to the Trust Head Office.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Digital Signage drives Advertising & Interactive Wayfinding in Norweigian Shopping Mall, Norway

Aker Brygge´s shopping mall is situated in Oslo, the capital of Norway, by the Fjord Pier. It is a medium sized shopping mall with 65 stores, of primarily high end shopping. The unique surroundings have created a popular venue, attracting over 6 million people every year. Many Norwegians work at Aker Brygge pier as it has over 86 000 m2 of office space, in addition to housing bars, cafés, restaurants, shops, cinema, stand up theater and boat docks.

Aker Brygge needed a Wayfinder system, and at the same time wanted to show adverts. Doublesided LCD-Signboards met their needs with touchscreens on one side and LCD-screens on the other, showing adverts, as well as stock market information and weather. In addition to the LCD-screens indoors there is also a portrait format 10 mm pixel pitch 25m2 LED-screen installed outside the centre above the main entrance. ONELAN digital signage was chosen as different zones of each screen can be dedicated to different purposes and playlists; in addition, only one system is required for the commercials on both indoor (LCD-screens) and outdoor (LED-screen) installations as the portrait aspect ratio is the same for both.

What is installed
5 ONELAN Net-Top-Box (NTB) 5000s with Touch licences for the Wayfinding, 1 NTB 5000 for the advertising, the 10 mm pixel pitch 25m2 LED-screen, 5 doublesided 46” LCD-Signboards with one-side touch and DVI-signal through fiberoptic cable.

Urban View is a Norwegian company established in 2006 as a media sales company. In 2007 the company started focussing on digital signage and applications with a Wayfinder system for integration with both ONELAN products and LCD-signboards. Through this collaboration a highly functional solution has been developed. In addition to developing software solutions Urbanview also design and produce their own LCD-Signboards, Urban View Korea Co. Ltd. was established in 2009 for manufacturing department in Seoul, Korea. LED screens are also supplied; there are currently two installations of 25m2 LED screens in Oslo: one at Oslo City shopping mall and the other at Aker Brygge shopping mall.

“Digital signage plays an increasingly important role in today’s media jungle. The combination of live pictures, sound and animation placed where people really are, results in outstanding attention and impact. The user interface and ease of use are essential to both advertisers and users to enable them to take full advantage of the possibilities digital signage gives. ONELAN’s content management system is one of a kind: easy to use, gives excellent control and overview - all crucial to advertisers wishing to exploit the full potential of digital signage.” said Kristoffer Andresen, Sales Manager Urbanview.

Monday, 22 March 2010

New Distributor in Korea for ONELAN

ONELAN have signed up a new distributor, Koryo Digiworks in Korea to increase their coverage in this region.

Established in 1987, Koryo Digiworks are a graphic design company that create content for websites; they also sell kiosks. Their business expansion into digital signage with ONELAN is a logical extension to their existing activities.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Back or to the Future with ONELAN’s New Carousel Mode

IPTV and Digital signage specialist ONELAN has added a Carousel mode to their IPTV Omni-Server.

The Omni-Server may be operated in a 'Carousel mode' enabling it to record all selected Channels (TV or Radio) for a given period of time in the past, present or future. For example the entire UK FreeView set of channels can be recorded simultaneously. As the disk becomes full, older programs are deleted. The operator can now identify programs from the past and move them to a 'keep' or 'transcode' folder for delivery to the Video Library Server for storage.
This is particularly useful where there is a requirement to record free-to-air programs in the past, present or future e.g in schools and colleges where educational programs are used to enhance the curriculum and engage students.

The feature can also be used by the Police where large volumes of live TV need to be recorded for later analysis, and corporates who want to monitor TV and radio for industry or company information and announcements.

The IPTV Omni-Server is a single box streaming solution for networked delivery and storage of video content via Ethernet networks. It provides a number of key functions within one appliance, firstly acting as an IPTV TV gateway which can take in Digital free-to-air TV broadcasts (DVB-T/Freeview or DVB-S/FreeSat) and re-broadcast out several TV channels onto a network. Any device on the network can then play back the live TV stream using a desktop PC TV software player, or a media player such as a ONELAN Net-Top-Box. A key benefit of this feature is the reduction in RF coaxial cable wiring required.

The IPTV Omni-Server is compatible with ONELAN NTB media players, and with its web browser interface is accessible from anywhere on a network.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

R&K set their sights on ONELAN

Founded in 1914, R&K are one of Chile´s biggest Optician chains with more than 40 stores across the country as well as over 150 concessions in Chile´s biggest department stores (Falabella, Paris and Ripley). R&K sell sunglasses from wellknown brand names, optical glasses, contact lenses and hearing aid devices.

R & K wanted a way to advertise the products they sell whilst also providing a relaxed and interesting atmosphere in their stores. They had several key technical issues to overcome including the requirement to remotely manage the signage through the local firewall. Originally the FTP was installed at R&K’s site and a remote desktop was used to access the Net-Top-Box (NTB) configuration pages.

R & K’s internal technical department were uncomfortable allowing external companies remote unsecure access to their network across their firewalls. ONELAN were able to offer their Digital Signage Manager’s (DSM) Virtual Private Network (VPN) for this purpose, removing the need for a server or PC on their site. The DSM can optionally act as a VPN of Secure Capped VPN tunnels. TLS V1 is used to securely authenticate NTBs into the VPN. This allows an authorized operator of the DSM to make access to remote NTBs even if they are located behind firewall-routers. In this mode, the operator may be on the same site as the DSM or at another location.

Reliability is a key requirement for R&K due to the instability in the power supply and intermittent internet connection in Chile. ONELAN was chosen as the Net-Top-Box (NTB) is a Linux embedded appliance designed for low maintenance 24/7 operation. NTBs recover quickly after an unplanned loss of power and self-start once power is resumed.

The NTBs also feature an intelligent file transfer mechanism. NTBs will only download from the FTP source any differences to the Schedule/Playlist rather than spending time downloading media again. In addition if transmission is interrupted due to loss of power or internet connection, the intelligent file handling system ensures file transfer resumes at the point where the interruption occurred and does not have to be re-started from the beginning.

R&K´s layout includes one Video Zone (fullscreen advert) and one
Soundtrack Zone. Instead of separate devices the NTBs separate Soundtrack capability have allowed R&K to achieve both their Digital Signage and In Store Audio system requirements with just one device. The whole system is based on an NTB 615 (Publisher), 50 NTB 500 (subscribers) and an FTP Server.

“R&K’s network was recently attacked by a heavy virus and an old Windows platform was one of the suspects. So a more secure solution had to be found. ONELAN’s solution came in and satisfied R&K’s requirements, by being reliable, powerful and supported by a great team” says Alvaro Amar, Network Manager for the R&K Digital Signage Network.

Download the Case Study

Netkom exhibits with ONELAN in Denmark

Netkom will be exhibiting ONELAN Digital Signage products at several shows in Denmark over the next two months.

They are attending Skolebogmessen, Denmark’s largest trade fair for teaching aids - in Roskilde Congress and Sport Center on 10-11 March 2010. Visitors are primarily teachers and educators.

On 24-25th March 2010 Netkom will be showing ONELAN Digital Signage with their ‘Odin’ (online digital information from ONELAN) concept at Skoleledernes aarskongres in Odense, the annual congress for all decision makers in education.

Finally they will be attending Sign 2010 a leading Scandinavian visual communications and digital signage exhibition, from 7-9th April 2010.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Estonia shopping and entertainment enhanced with Digital Signage

Solaris is a state of the art shopping and entertainment centre, with a multi-screen cinema and concert hall, all under one roof, situated in the centre of Tallinn in Estonia.

Solaris chose digital signage as they wanted flexibilty, extensive content possibilities and an easy to use automated system. Digital Signage represents an all-in-one solution that can display all types of information that need to be communicated to visitors. It is very cost-effective to maintain, and very easy to update; numerous screens can be maintained by one person from a single station.

ONELAN was chosen firstly for reliability as the system runs on a Linux platform. Secondly it has the flexible Ad-Hoc feature: so end-users need no training at all to change information or media.

In Solaris, digital signage is used for building guides, for advertising, for dynamic ticket and event information, for exhibiting artistic videos and other visual arts. The content is run from ONELAN Net-Top-Boxes (NTBs), including three NTB-615s, five NTB-610s and one NTB-500S. These drive 120 LCD screens (42"-50") and one large LED outdoor screen.

Content is centrally controlled and managed, using an additional NTB-615. All screens and VGA distribution is at 1080, and all dynamic content (schedules and building guides) is displayed at full HD resolution. Adverts and other video content are run at 1360 x 768 pixels. For dynamic content Solaris use specially designed animated Flash files with Action Script; all information is acquired and updated automatically from dedicated external databases.

Priit Rebane member of the board of Solaris explains: "We chose ONELAN for the following reasons:
a) ONELAN NTB-s are "out of the box and ready to use" so there is possibly no chance to deal with conflicts between hardware and software.
b) Low power consumption and relatively small size of the units.
c) Availability of local support".

Download the Case Study

Friday, 5 March 2010


ONELAN will be supporting PanelTV at INFRAPEDIA on 20-21 March 2010 with their Digital Signage and IPTV Streaming products at this leading event in Athens, Greece. With 35 exhibitors in 2009, and set to grow in 2010, Infrapedia targets primarily the education sector.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Free Digital Signage Widgets from ONELAN

A free digital signage widget site has been launched by ONELAN Digital Signage expanding their portfolio of free content.

The new widgets include:

Flash analogue clocks
  • multiple designs
  • any size up to 500 pixels
  • any time zone
  • ability to mix analogue clocks with digital.
  • combined clock and weather
  • Free weather feed for top 5000 cities worldwide
Hijri calendar
  • Automatic conversion to Hijri
  • English & Arabic format
New digital signage widgets are being developed continuously, driven by customer demand.

Visit to learn more.


Digital Signage specialist ONELAN has further expanded their range of Net-Top-Boxes (NTBs) to include the NTB510.

The key advantages of this new NTB are firstly its fanless design, making it quieter and more reliable. There is also a Solid State option for greater operational stability, and an easy VESA mount bracket so that the media player can be mounted behind any screen.

In addition the unit is environmentally friendly using less than 12W, making it both cost effective to run, and in conjunction with an RS232 connection, when professional screens can be programmed e.g. to switch off at night, a truly green solution.

With unlimited number of Layout Zones the NTB510 is ideally suited to environments which need multiple channels and screens, such as in retail or schools and universities. It can be combined with any other ONELAN NTB from the range to provide a cost effective solution for small to large networks.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

ONELAN Enjoys Continued Sales Growth

ONELAN Digital Signage is delighted to announce sales growth of over 19% in 2009, representing a 27% increase in unit sales, and continued profitable growth for the fifth consecutive year.

Exports have been largely responsible, with sales turnover up from 18 to 30% as ONELAN continues to extend its global reach.

Helen Dee, ONELAN’s Finance Director commented “We are very pleased with this growth – considering the economic climate, this is an excellent result.”

Swanmore College: Communicating to a network of schools with ONELAN

As a College of Technology Swanmore required a suitable medium for communicating valuable information centrally as well as to their network of local feeder schools. They wanted a solution that was modern, efficient, cost effective and manageable both locally within the individual schools and centrally.

What was needed?
The main considerations were:
  • Network connectivity between Swanmore College and the 9 feeder schools, including ftp access and proxy servers.
  • The ability to control and create layouts for the feeder schools from a central location.
  • Location of screens within each of the 9 schools, which included surveying each school with regards to network and power points.
  • Location of Net-Top-Box (NTB), and location and size of screen in the Reception area.

The solution
ONELAN was chosen for the ability to setup different zones with different content types, and for stability: ONELAN NTBs are Linux based and therefore more stable than Windows based systems.

A NTB5005P publishes content to 10 different channels. Nine NTB615s each subscribe to the appropriate channel. These are located in 9 schools within a 10 mile radius. There is also an additional NTB615 in the college library. Each screen displays a basic layout designed by the college which has two zones that the feeder schools can update. The schools have ad-hoc access to these zones. The layouts consist of a media zone, a text zone for school notices, a BBC Newsround RSS feed, the weather, the time and date
and the school name and logo.

The ONELAN solution has not only met expectations but exceeded them, the flexible display and simple to use software means content can be updated regularly without excessive investment of time.

”We have found ONELAN a flexible and comprehensive system which allows ad-hoc users to quickly and easily update the screen whilst allowing us to make more complex changes where necessary.” Helen Woodland – Community IT Technician.

And from the subscriber schools:

“ONELAN is a quick and easy system to keep updated; this allows us to display new content on a regular basis.”

“ONELAN is so simple to use we have a year 6 pupil updating it”

“Pupils love looking at the new photos added each day”

“I like to refer parents to the screen for details on after school clubs”

Download the Case Study

Saturday, 13 February 2010

ONELAN Partners with CTI Labs to address Call Centre Digital Signage applications

Digital signage specialist ONELAN has joined forces with CTI Labs, a division of IP Integration to assist with complex Contact Centre based Digital Signage opportunities.

CTI Labs consists of a team of software developers and consultants, utilising the latest speech recognition and development tools. The company are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and specialise in Computer Telephony Integration, Interactive Voice Response, SMS solutions and offer a range of applications and be-spoke solutions, focused on the automation requirements within Contact Centres, for example customising wallboard displays.

Full Stream Ahead for ONELAN at ISE 2010

IPTV and Digital signage specialist ONELAN enjoyed a record show at ISE 2010, generating strong interest from visitors from all over the world.

In the Digital Signage Hall, the company stood out as the only DS player with live Streaming and TV on their stand. The new features of ONELAN’s IPTV Streaming included the ‘multi-unicast’ solution and a more exciting and easier enduser interface: the landing page for an unprivileged user has been improved to include Thumbnail images (updated at 4 second intervals) of each channel.

Other products being demonstrated included the Digital Signage network Manager (DSM) for monitoring, audit and remote configuration of NTBs in a network, and Data Capture Engine (DCE) for integration to live data in external systems and data stores.

Last but not least were the New Century models: NTB510 with its small form factor and fanless solid state option, and the New Millenium models: NTB5500/5/8: with 500G hard drive and more memory to position them as combined Network Publisher & FTP server for networks of up to 50 NTB Subscriber players.

Friday, 29 January 2010

ONELAN Pioneers Multi-unicast for IPTV streaming

IPTV and Digital signage specialist ONELAN has added more features to the IPTV Omni-Server to create a more powerful product offering, and further establishing the company as a leading player in the Streaming arena.

The IPTV Omni-Server is a single box streaming solution for networked delivery and storage of video content via Ethernet networks. It provides a number of key functions within one appliance, firstly acting as an IPTV TV gateway which can take in Digital free-to-air TV broadcasts (DVB-T/Freeview or DVB-S/FreeSat) and re-broadcast out several TV channels onto a network. Any device on the network can then play back the live TV stream using a desktop PC TV software player, or a media player such as a ONELAN Net-Top-Box. A key benefit of this feature is the reduction in RF coaxial cable wiring required.

Another important new feature is ONELAN’s ‘multi-unicast’ solution. Many networks will not allow multicast with IT network owners often forbidding multicast products, or at the very least making it very difficult to use multicast. ONELAN’s multi-unicast solution removes this barrier: the Omni-Server can be configured to operate in a mode where it uses unicast only. This can ease installations where the network is not truly multicast ready. The playback experience is the same for the end user but the network is not exposed to multicasts.

A more exciting and easier enduser interface has been created:
the landing page for an unprivileged user has changed to include Thumbnail images (updated at 4 second intervals) of each channel.

The IPTV Omni-Server is compatible with ONELAN NTB media players, and with its web browser interface is accessible from anywhere on a network.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Incorporating Digital Signage with Audio for a Multimedia Shopping Experience

Paris chooses ONELAN
Paris is one of the leading department stores chains in Chile with stores located in all the commercially important cities of Chile, including 15 in Santiago. They are present in Chile´s most important Shopping Malls. Paris is part of Cencosud, one of South America´s biggest retail companies. Throughout the stores there is a need for both digital signage and an instore audio channel.

What needed to be done?
Paris had previously been using a windows based digital signage system and a separate instore audio system, but finding both unreliable wanted better reliability and to reduce their ongoing maintenance costs and downtime. Estimated reductions in these justified investment in a ONELAN digital signage system to do both tasks simultaneously on one platform.

Reliability is a key requirement for Paris due to the instability in the power supply and intermittent internet connection in Chile. ONELAN was chosen as the Net-Top-Box (NTB) is run on a Linux platform which is both reliable and has an intelligent file transfer mechanism. NTBs only download from the FTP source any differences to the Schedule/Playlist and allow for network connectivity interruptions. NTBs also self start after an unplanned loss of power.

What is installed?
For remote connectivity, 3G connections are used. The whole system is based on 1 NTB 615 (Publisher), 50 NTB 500 (subscriber players) and an FTP Server. An average of 1-2 subscriber player NTBs are installed in each store connecting to approximately 15 screens.

The result
A Digital Signage network with separate instore music creating a multimedia sales and entertainment solution. The screen content is divided into 3 Zones (1 Advert Video Zone, 1 Video Clips Zone and 1 Text Zone). Adverts are also regularly played full screen.

Download the Case Study

Customer Service Award for ONELAN

ONELAN is proud to announce that Sam Allen has won the Customer Service Award this year from RM, one of ONELAN’s leading resellers. Sam was chosen for the calm way in which orders are dealt with, especially through the summer when orders were at a peak. Any changes were dealt with quickly and efficiently, which made the experience that much easier.

“I think I was more worked up about our customer last minute changes than Sam was. This is obviously a great reflection on ONELAN as well” said Mark Jay of RM.

Founded in Oxford in 1973, RM pioneered the use of technology in education. Since then its range of products and services has continued to expand to meet the needs of schools, colleges and universities.

RM is now the leading provider of ICT software, infrastructure and services to UK education.
visit for further details

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