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Monday, 29 March 2010

Digital Signage drives Advertising & Interactive Wayfinding in Norweigian Shopping Mall, Norway

Aker Brygge´s shopping mall is situated in Oslo, the capital of Norway, by the Fjord Pier. It is a medium sized shopping mall with 65 stores, of primarily high end shopping. The unique surroundings have created a popular venue, attracting over 6 million people every year. Many Norwegians work at Aker Brygge pier as it has over 86 000 m2 of office space, in addition to housing bars, cafés, restaurants, shops, cinema, stand up theater and boat docks.

Aker Brygge needed a Wayfinder system, and at the same time wanted to show adverts. Doublesided LCD-Signboards met their needs with touchscreens on one side and LCD-screens on the other, showing adverts, as well as stock market information and weather. In addition to the LCD-screens indoors there is also a portrait format 10 mm pixel pitch 25m2 LED-screen installed outside the centre above the main entrance. ONELAN digital signage was chosen as different zones of each screen can be dedicated to different purposes and playlists; in addition, only one system is required for the commercials on both indoor (LCD-screens) and outdoor (LED-screen) installations as the portrait aspect ratio is the same for both.

What is installed
5 ONELAN Net-Top-Box (NTB) 5000s with Touch licences for the Wayfinding, 1 NTB 5000 for the advertising, the 10 mm pixel pitch 25m2 LED-screen, 5 doublesided 46” LCD-Signboards with one-side touch and DVI-signal through fiberoptic cable.

Urban View is a Norwegian company established in 2006 as a media sales company. In 2007 the company started focussing on digital signage and applications with a Wayfinder system for integration with both ONELAN products and LCD-signboards. Through this collaboration a highly functional solution has been developed. In addition to developing software solutions Urbanview also design and produce their own LCD-Signboards, Urban View Korea Co. Ltd. was established in 2009 for manufacturing department in Seoul, Korea. LED screens are also supplied; there are currently two installations of 25m2 LED screens in Oslo: one at Oslo City shopping mall and the other at Aker Brygge shopping mall.

“Digital signage plays an increasingly important role in today’s media jungle. The combination of live pictures, sound and animation placed where people really are, results in outstanding attention and impact. The user interface and ease of use are essential to both advertisers and users to enable them to take full advantage of the possibilities digital signage gives. ONELAN’s content management system is one of a kind: easy to use, gives excellent control and overview - all crucial to advertisers wishing to exploit the full potential of digital signage.” said Kristoffer Andresen, Sales Manager Urbanview.

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