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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

R&K set their sights on ONELAN

Founded in 1914, R&K are one of Chile´s biggest Optician chains with more than 40 stores across the country as well as over 150 concessions in Chile´s biggest department stores (Falabella, Paris and Ripley). R&K sell sunglasses from wellknown brand names, optical glasses, contact lenses and hearing aid devices.

R & K wanted a way to advertise the products they sell whilst also providing a relaxed and interesting atmosphere in their stores. They had several key technical issues to overcome including the requirement to remotely manage the signage through the local firewall. Originally the FTP was installed at R&K’s site and a remote desktop was used to access the Net-Top-Box (NTB) configuration pages.

R & K’s internal technical department were uncomfortable allowing external companies remote unsecure access to their network across their firewalls. ONELAN were able to offer their Digital Signage Manager’s (DSM) Virtual Private Network (VPN) for this purpose, removing the need for a server or PC on their site. The DSM can optionally act as a VPN of Secure Capped VPN tunnels. TLS V1 is used to securely authenticate NTBs into the VPN. This allows an authorized operator of the DSM to make access to remote NTBs even if they are located behind firewall-routers. In this mode, the operator may be on the same site as the DSM or at another location.

Reliability is a key requirement for R&K due to the instability in the power supply and intermittent internet connection in Chile. ONELAN was chosen as the Net-Top-Box (NTB) is a Linux embedded appliance designed for low maintenance 24/7 operation. NTBs recover quickly after an unplanned loss of power and self-start once power is resumed.

The NTBs also feature an intelligent file transfer mechanism. NTBs will only download from the FTP source any differences to the Schedule/Playlist rather than spending time downloading media again. In addition if transmission is interrupted due to loss of power or internet connection, the intelligent file handling system ensures file transfer resumes at the point where the interruption occurred and does not have to be re-started from the beginning.

R&K´s layout includes one Video Zone (fullscreen advert) and one
Soundtrack Zone. Instead of separate devices the NTBs separate Soundtrack capability have allowed R&K to achieve both their Digital Signage and In Store Audio system requirements with just one device. The whole system is based on an NTB 615 (Publisher), 50 NTB 500 (subscribers) and an FTP Server.

“R&K’s network was recently attacked by a heavy virus and an old Windows platform was one of the suspects. So a more secure solution had to be found. ONELAN’s solution came in and satisfied R&K’s requirements, by being reliable, powerful and supported by a great team” says Alvaro Amar, Network Manager for the R&K Digital Signage Network.

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