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Monday, 24 May 2010

Be a Hero: ONELAN ‘s TV Gateway brings Live TV to your desktop

The new TV Gateway (TVG) product from ONELAN Digital Signage enables delivery of live Freeview content to your desktop PCs.

Using Multicast streaming technology, up to 40 radio and TV channels can be delivered live to every desktop across your local office network. Multicast technology delivers multiple video streams to the desktop while reducing the impact on performance for existing network applications. This reduces the risk of network disruption and enables simplified deployment of the TVG on any modern network infrastructure, while happily coexisting with current business operations.

The TVG provides a cost effective way of delivering multi-channel content to users in a range of scenarios including improving reception and communal areas, delivering key sporting and entertainment events to clients and customers and allowing employees to watch Freeview content in a managed environment.

A single TVG can light up an entire campus network with any number of DVB-T TV and radio channels. This allows live off-air programs to be received by:
  • Digital Signage media players - such as ONELAN’s Net-Top-Box (NTB).
  • Embedded players – modern gym equipment and network enabled TVs
  • PC desktops – playable on most modern computers, with free software available for older PC’s.

Designed as a network appliance, the TVG provides all key functionality and status through its front panel, allowing PC users to view live Freeview content on their desktops within minutes of installation. The LCD front panel provides live status about bandwidth utilisation, channel availability and channels currently tuned, while more detailed configuration and status can be accessed using any modern web browser..

The TVG requires only a single TV aerial input, an Ethernet connection and power, and as such can be installed and streaming in minutes.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Eurochange S.A installs ONELAN Digital Signage

May 2010…… Eurochange S.A at Athens International Airport have installed ONELAN digital signage to replace their led-digit boards.

Eurochange S.A. operates currency exchange booths through out the Athens International Airport. The company was using classical led-digit boards to inform it’s clients about the Buy-Sell rates of International Currencies

They required a flexible, easy to use signage solution able to fulfil the following key project objectives:

  • Update prices on the fly, even off-line
  • Promote most of the company’s services on the same displays
  • Operate an easy configurable display, deleting, adding or reorganizing currencies at any time
  • Group displays and manage easily any centrally designed campaign
  • Communicate new services with attractive content for cross selling purposes

The ONELAN NTB610 with Ad Hoc capabilities was chosen as the digital signage solution; the Ad-Hoc capability is a simple, easy to use facility for local changes and input of messages, announcements, visual paging, table data, TV selection and layout changes.

The LCD panels were installed vertically to fit into limited available spaces and distinguish from other horizontal TVs as special information points.

Content wise, each display is split into two major areas: the upper part projects exchange rates in table format, while the remainder is devoted to payment methods, major offers and complementary services addressing traveller’s needs. In addition each booth is now capable of passing individual messages and change rates off-line if necessary. The Net-top-boxes also have on/off operation of the screens for improved energy efficiency.

Eurochange’s digital signage enables them to stand out from their competition, while fitting in well with the new airport booths. On-screen communication of new offers and services is now standardized, and it is quicker and easier to update exchange quotes.

The digital signage was installed by Panel TV, a Greek Digital Signage expert.

Friday, 7 May 2010

ONELAN’S New V7.4 software release

Digital Signage Specialist ONELAN are delighted to announce their latest software release V7.4.

Ad Hoc facilities have been made even easier to use; the Ad-Hoc capability is a simple facility for local changes and input of messages, announcements, visual paging, table data, TV selection and layout changes. For example, Ad Hoc can be used to localise the layout for an individual store in a retail chain. In a doctor’s surgery Ad Hoc messages can be set up so that the receptionist can quickly inform the patients if the doctors are running on time or not.

V7.4 also features conditional playout on a Net-top-box (NTB) by box basis. The Conditional play feature allows local information to control which Schedule is used and which items are played. For example a company head quarters can publish one channel of content with adverts in multiple languages from a publisher NTB and the players in each country will automatically select and play the advert correct for their location. This has the advantage of easing administration of media to large multi-country networks.

Another typical application of conditional playout is the display of weather information by location for which ONELAN provides a free service for 5000 cities of the world via the website

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