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Friday, 7 May 2010

ONELAN’S New V7.4 software release

Digital Signage Specialist ONELAN are delighted to announce their latest software release V7.4.

Ad Hoc facilities have been made even easier to use; the Ad-Hoc capability is a simple facility for local changes and input of messages, announcements, visual paging, table data, TV selection and layout changes. For example, Ad Hoc can be used to localise the layout for an individual store in a retail chain. In a doctor’s surgery Ad Hoc messages can be set up so that the receptionist can quickly inform the patients if the doctors are running on time or not.

V7.4 also features conditional playout on a Net-top-box (NTB) by box basis. The Conditional play feature allows local information to control which Schedule is used and which items are played. For example a company head quarters can publish one channel of content with adverts in multiple languages from a publisher NTB and the players in each country will automatically select and play the advert correct for their location. This has the advantage of easing administration of media to large multi-country networks.

Another typical application of conditional playout is the display of weather information by location for which ONELAN provides a free service for 5000 cities of the world via the website

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