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Thursday, 26 August 2010

ONELAN Joins Forces with Enistic

ONELAN have undertaken a joint integration with Enistic, a leading provider of corporate energy management solutions for education establishments and businesses.

Enistic’s Energy Management System can now be integrated into ONELAN’s Digital Signage solutions and will record up to sixteen different energy consumption zones, showing how much power is being consumed by devices in each zone. This is particularly useful for schools where there is considerable pressure to be more energy conscious and ‘green’ and can be used as a tool for altering behaviour e.g by encouraging students to switch off lights.

There is easy access to real-time device data, and historical data. Reports can be viewed that show which devices could potentially be turned off in order to save money and reduce CO2.

In a corporate environment, reports can be viewed live on a screen e.g in a foyer, not just occasionally on individual staff desktops. On a Net-Top-Box (NTB), these reports can be combined with other dynamically changing information such as Live TV, RSS newsfeeds and weather forecasts.

ONELAN offer free layouts to any NTB owner that can be customised for their own energy consumption profile.

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