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Friday, 22 October 2010

Tallink Sets Sail with ONELAN

Tallink is one of the largest passenger and cargo shipping companies in the Baltic Sea region. The company operates on seven shipping routes with twelve ships under the brands of Tallink and Silja Line.

Tallink wanted to make their ships’ digital signage systems consistent and centrally manageable, with central organised media creation and delivery.
Seven ships in Tallink’s fleet already have digital signage systems installed, and because some of the systems were from different providers, content needed to be created in 3 or 4 different formats and with different resolutions. Furthermore as the digital signage was standalone for each ship, all media had to be provided to individual ships on USB sticks every time changes and updates were required. The ONELAN digital signage system has been installed and is managed by SiseTV.

M/S Baltic Queen is the newest ship and has the most advanced ONELAN digital signage system, comprising the following:

· 8 ONELAN Net-Top-Boxes (NTBs) in the onboard shop for showing point of sale advertising on 37” screens

· 8 ONELAN NTBs in cafés and restaurants for menu displays on 22” screens

· Two ONELAN NTBs with 42” screens at the information desk for officers and crew, and to provide latest cruise and entertainment information

· One ONELAN NTB is for onboard TV channel (distributed in cable TV network) showing Tallink’s corporate films and presentation films of destination cities. At the same time other zones are used for cruise schedule information, entertainment information and special offers.

· One ONELAN NTB entertains kids with cartoons in the childrens’ play area.

The digital signage on all Tallink Ferries’ ships is managed centrally from land via a single ONELAN NTB publisher media player.
Local information is added and updated on the ships by information clerks, shop managers, cruise managers using ONELAN’s Ad-Hoc capability. The more sophisticated content and system management is undertaken by SiseTV.

The main issue encountered with the digital signage was networking with ships when they are at sea. The satellite connections needed have quite narrow bandwidths and are very expensive. This problem was solved by programming the NTBs in such a way that large files are only acquired and downloaded when ships are in harbour. In this way regular wireless connections can be used.

Another issue that had to be resolved was distributing video signals to screens via additional cabling. It is very complex adding cabling on a ship as everything must be both waterproof and fireproof, and meet exhaustive safety and other regulations. This issue was overcome by using existing cable TV network or modern video over IP solutions that utilize the existing LAN network.

End user feedback
The digital signage has had a very positive impact on Tallink’s corporate image as passengers can find information much more easily and like the graphic displays showing up to date schedules, offers, tickets, menus and news.

The system is very reliable: ‘ONELAN runs 24/7 for 99% of the time’.
ONELAN digital signage is easily scalable - you can start with only one NTB and scale the system gradually to hundreds (or thousands) with no need to replace the first one. The Ad Hoc facility is very easy to use for non-technical users: information clerks, shop managers and cruise managers are very happy with the simplicity with which they can ‘air’ their messages.’ Mallar Prandi, SiseTV.

Friday, 15 October 2010

SECC Signs up and Drives down Costs with ONELAN

The Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC) has multiple exhibition halls that are rented out to a wide range of clients. Content had to therefore be changed daily or weekly for multiple halls to advertise the various events. They wanted to install signage that was more eye catching and sophisticated than traditional print for light boxes, and at the same time cut costs.

Before ONELAN digital signage was installed, each hall had a designator sign which SECC supplied as part of each client’s contract. These showed details of the relevant event on backlit fluorescent signs and comprised rudimentary graphics with the occasional logo for an additional charge.
SECC had a company that produced new signs for every event, at an annual cost of around £35,000. The event signage is part of the client contract and as such a cost to SECC.

The Exhibition Centre decided to introduce digital signage to both save money and simultaneously improve the impact of the exhibition hall displays.

They already had ONELAN digital signage installed in the concourse running eight displays around the building, and they already have someone who manages the content for this, so the decision to use ONELAN for replacing the backlit signs was straightforward.

Twelve ONELAN 500 subscriber Net-Top-Boxes (NTBs) and one ONELAN NTB 5000 publisher unit are installed In each exhibition hall, a ONELAN NTB 500 operates as a subscriber unit running 65” plasma screens above each main door, and two smaller 50” portrait screens above the smaller side doors, that can all show PowerPoint and play videos. For each event, the client is offered two slides as standard with an additional charge for any additional slides.

The signage for each event is more detailed, eye catching and looks better generally. The graphics for each event can be more sophisticated and changed seamlessly for the next client using a given hall. With the old system of backlit fluorescent signs, there was a considerable time lag between the end of an event and the installation of new displays for the next.

In the box office ONELAN digital signage is used for displaying events and queue information. More recently another system has also been installed showing train times.

SECC are very happy with ease of use of their ONELAN digital signage and the fact that it is so easily monitored and cost effective; within two years the signage will have paid for itself.

Friday, 1 October 2010

ONELAN’s TV Gateway selected as Streaming Media Finalist

ONELAN is delighted to have been shortlisted as a top-3 finalist in the TV over IP Solution category of the Streaming Media European Readers' Choice Awards with their TV Gateway (TVG).

The TVG provides a cost effective way of delivering multi-channel content to users in a range of scenarios e.g improving reception and communal areas, delivering key sporting and entertainment events to clients and customers and allowing employees to watch Freeview content in a managed environment.

Whitepaper: Schools TV - Digital Signage in Education

The video generation has come of age, and this is particularly relevant to education; going digital is a necessary transition for today’s schools and universities. Students are accustomed to interacting with technology on a day to day basis with the majority of children having grown up with computer games, camera phones, music videos and You Tube.

Video and images are increasingly their medium of choice for communication, so incorporating this into their school experience will help to engage them in the classroom, and improve their productivity.

A digital signage solution for education replaces static text and pictures with an eye-catching display that can incorporate moving images, video, TV, scrolling text and highlighted messages to create an impact.

Click on the link below to download the whitepaper:

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