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Friday, 26 November 2010

Dutch Hospital is Prescribed ONELAN to Improve Patient Communications

The Diaconesse hospital is a medium-sized regional hospital located in Zeist in the Netherlands with outpatient clinics in Meppel, Steenwijk and Vollenhove.
ONELAN digital signage was chosen as the best solution for communicating with patients and to control the flow of patients coming into the hospital. The hospital wanted to operate more efficiently; prior to the digital signage installation, it was a full time job for one nurse to manage the patient flow. In addition, Diaconesse wanted to make wayfinding around the hospital as straightforward as possible.
The digital signage needed to be able to display information clearly and simply to patients who are not only unwell but may also be e.g. elderly or shortsighted. In addition the information needs to be very easy to assimilate, as patients will just glance quickly at it. Considerable research was undertaken with a communications advisor to establish the best background colours and fonts to use for this particular audience.
Nineteen ONELAN Net-top-box (NTB) 510 and (NTB) 5000 players are installed, driving 42” screens.
The screens display just one zone for clarity, the only additional feature being an html clock.
The system is managed by ADL in the Netherlands and a local dealer. Daily content is changed by the nurses themselves. e.g Availability and schedules of doctors, reasons for doctors’ delays or absence, and patient appointment times. This is achieved using ONELAN’s Ad Hoc capability. Ad-Hoc is a simple facility for local changes and input of messages, announcements, visual paging, table data, TV selection and layout changes.
The ONELAN digital signage has considerably improved communications between the hospital and its patients, as well as reducing costs, as there is no longer the need for a nurse to manage the patient flow.

Monday, 22 November 2010

ONELAN Finalist at Thames Valley Business Magazine Awards 2011

ONELAN is delighted to have been selected as a finalist in the Export category of the Thames Valley Business Magazine Awards 2011.
Export sales now represent 40% of ONELAN’s total sales.

ONELAN at ISE 2011

At ISE 2011 at the Amsterdam RAI, Stand 12A92 ONELAN will be exhibiting Digital Signage and the latest software updates, IPTV Omni-Servers and their Data Collection Engine.

Friday, 12 November 2010

LG Electronics use ONELAN Digital Signage for Impact at Peru’s Jockey Plaza Shopping Centre

Nov 2010…….LG Electronics is a multinational company that believe that technological innovation is the key to success in their marketplace. Founded in 1958, they have led the way in introducing advanced digital products and applied technologies to their customers. With commitment to innovation and assertive global business policies they aim to become a worldwide leader in advanced digital technology.

LG Electronics wanted to successfully brand their products using digital signage at the Jockey Plaza Shopping Centre, one of the largest and most popular shopping malls in Lima, Peru. They chose digital signage as they felt it would be an excellent tool for their marketing purposes as it attracts potential customers attention through dynamic media content. Furthermore it is an exciting new technology for Peru.

The system required by LG Electronics needed to be reliable, and controllable through a Local Area Network (LAN) as well as remotely via a Wide Area Network (WAN).

48 LCD Monitors are tiled together placed one next to each other around a 50 meter circular perimeter at the Jockey Plaza Shopping Center, creating a 360 degree media illusion.

There are three groups:

One ONELAN Net-Top-Box (NTB) 5505 player drives a group of 20 monitors in 5x4 video wall mode (Northern Video Wall).
One ONELAN NTB60 player drives two groups of 4 monitors in 4x1 video wall mode (Eastern & Western Video Walls).
One ONELAN NTB5505 player drives the last group of 20 monitors in 5x4 video wall mode (Southern Video Wall).

The 5x4 video walls are not placed as “regular squared” video wall: the second column is placed beside the first column, the third one beside the second column and so on.

By using this set up the cost savings are considerable as three ONELAN NTB players drive 48 LCD Monitors instead of having to use 48 ONELAN NTB players.

The system is being managed remotely: a LAN has been deployed with 53 Network Points (LCD monitors and NTBs included).

LG Electronics are very happy with the results and were particularly pleased that the project was delivered successfully in time for key advertising during the football World Cup 2010.

Monday, 8 November 2010

ONELAN’s New V8.02 Software Release

ONELAN is delighted to announce its latest software release version 8.02, boasting several exciting new features that make more sophisticated content design faster and even simpler to achieve.

Firstly the user interface has been made even more intuitive and easy to use with Drag-n-Drop content into Playlists and the Content Library. Multiple content files may now be dragged from your desktop and dropped directly into Playlists and Folders on the NTB player.

Ad Hoc functionality has been further improved so that messages and branding seen by Ad hoc users can now be customised and the users input validated. The language and or the words used in the Ad Hoc user interface are fully customisable so the designer may tailor the Ad Hoc user interface exactly to the user or task. For example the logo of a company can be added to the Ad Hoc user interface web page and the menu language changed from English to the local language.

In V8.02 Webkit technology, as used by Apple's Safari browser and Google's Chrome browser, has been adopted for ONELAN’s new HTML player. This enables a host of new features that deliver significant benefits to content designers including the ability to achieve sophisticated creative effects for their Digital Signage content whilst taking advantage of lower cost players e.g the NTB510S. For example the background of an HTML page can now be transparent and Tables can have a transparent border and background, allowing superior design especially for table based content presentation eg flight information, menu boards, exchange rates etc.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

ONELAN China at Infocomm Asia 2010

Nov 2010…… ONELAN China will be showing the new Net-Top-Box (NTB) v8 software and Data Collection Engine (DCE) products at Infocomm Asia 2010, on 17-19 November, stand 14D02, at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong.

Infocomm Asia is Asia's largest technology event for information communication and systems integration. The show provides a trade platform for international suppliers to meet buyers from Asia and their emerging markets, while at the same time enabling Asian manufacturers to seek international trade representatives.

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