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Monday, 8 November 2010

ONELAN’s New V8.02 Software Release

ONELAN is delighted to announce its latest software release version 8.02, boasting several exciting new features that make more sophisticated content design faster and even simpler to achieve.

Firstly the user interface has been made even more intuitive and easy to use with Drag-n-Drop content into Playlists and the Content Library. Multiple content files may now be dragged from your desktop and dropped directly into Playlists and Folders on the NTB player.

Ad Hoc functionality has been further improved so that messages and branding seen by Ad hoc users can now be customised and the users input validated. The language and or the words used in the Ad Hoc user interface are fully customisable so the designer may tailor the Ad Hoc user interface exactly to the user or task. For example the logo of a company can be added to the Ad Hoc user interface web page and the menu language changed from English to the local language.

In V8.02 Webkit technology, as used by Apple's Safari browser and Google's Chrome browser, has been adopted for ONELAN’s new HTML player. This enables a host of new features that deliver significant benefits to content designers including the ability to achieve sophisticated creative effects for their Digital Signage content whilst taking advantage of lower cost players e.g the NTB510S. For example the background of an HTML page can now be transparent and Tables can have a transparent border and background, allowing superior design especially for table based content presentation eg flight information, menu boards, exchange rates etc.

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