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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

ONELAN Digital Signage: the Perfect Solution for one of New Zealand's most Walked-by Walls

Chorus is New Zealand's largest telecommunications utility company, with a network of local telephone exchanges, cabinets and copper and fibre cables that currently connects around 1.8 million New Zealand homes and businesses.

Chorus's 'fibre to the cabinet' programme aims to reach thousands more by delivering high speed broadband to more than 80% of New Zealanders by the end of next year.

With a massive programme of work underway, Chorus approached the design company, Creature, to provide an effective medium and location to promote their network expansion. A large-scale digital display was decided upon, and Wellington International Airport chosen as an ideal location to promote this message to a wide audience.

An installation comprising white on white router cut layers was designed and integrated with video content displayed on a bank of digital screens. The objective of the display was to reinforce the message that the network expansion was real and happening now in numerous communities.

What is installed
ONELAN's Net-Top-Boxes (NTB's) were chosen as the digital signage content management solution for the content and display options available, as well as the instant messaging and scheduling capabilities, and ease of use.

One ONELAN NTB5005 has been installed displaying content to twelve Orion MPDP seamless panels, configured in a 4 x 3 4m wide video wall. The ONELAN unit turns the power on/off, schedules and runs content, tells the MPDP to display the image across twelve panels, and can be updated remotely across a network.

Digital Signage Content
Engaging high resolution video files are displayed; with facts and imagery used to highlight the fibre optic cabling and high-speed broadband work being completed by Chorus

End Result - end user feedback
"Having investigated various digital display systems - ONELAN combined with the Orion screens fitted the bill perfectly. It offered us, and our client, the look and functionality we were after. The ability to display various content files, have remote access and be easy to use was a pretty compelling argument." Brooke Ashton-Taylor, Account Director, Creature.

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