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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

ONELAN at Screenmedia Expo 2011

At Screenmedia Expo 2011 at Earls Court, London, Stand D31 on the 18-19 May 2011, ONELAN will be exhibiting Digital Signage and the latest software updates, in addition to showing a preview of their new Enterprise Communications Platform. ONELAN’s new Enterprise Communications Platform will feature Content Management, Managed Workflow, Transcoding and highly targeted content for very large networks.

The new platform is designed for productivity and revenue generation at the largest scale and enables brand and advertising networks to generate more revenue while reducing management overhead. Content is scheduled automatically and transformed, scaled, converted or transcoded into the most suitable format for the target display. Rich Metadata ensures content is automatically scheduled once across multiple SD, HD, LED and Web displays. The content will then arrive in the right format, cropped, rotated and converted for its target, without any user involvement.

ONELAN will be demonstrating elements of this new platform including Ingest, Search, Preview and an early look at new intelligent Scheduling.

Monday, 21 March 2011

DS Apex Award for ONELAN

ONELAN is pleased to announce that their reseller in Estonia, SiseTV, has won a bronze award at the DS Apex Awards for their digital signage installation with Tallink Silja Ferries.
“We are delighted to be recognized for this award with our partners SiseTV; the content they have produced is a perfect example of how users’ needs can be met by the ONELAN system that combines design flair and ease of use with sophisticated technical features” says Hugh Coghill-Smith, ONELAN’s Sales and Marketing Director

Monday, 14 March 2011

Swiss Clinic Microelectric Hearing Aids Sign up with ONELAN

Microelectric Hearing Aids Ltd have a group of five hearing clinics in Switzerland.
They wanted to make their clinics appear more prestigious, and at the same time have a means of communicating information to their patients as they waited. While their staff are good doctors in their field of hearing, they lacked the ability to promote their services and particular products to the captive audience of waiting patients. With waiting times of 5-10 minutes, the clinic wanted to entertain patients, and make them aware of additional and special products.

Microelectric established that digital signage was the best solution for their needs, and selected ONELAN as the most suitable system.

Five ONELAN Net-Top-Box Century 510s have been installed driving 40” LED screens, one in the waiting room of each clinic.
The content is in both Swiss and English, and comprises:

Still Images
RSS newsfeed
Promotional videos
Client appointment timetables

Promotional videos are supplied on a regular basis by manufacturers of hearing aids and accessories, and Microelectric choose which ones to use. These are then rendered and uploaded to the media players.
All the content is updated remotely via internet (using FTP and HTTP) by Sinform GmbH, who both supplied and now manage the digital signage for Microelectric.

End result
Microelectric are very happy with their digital signage, and have noticed an uplift in sales of promoted services and products e.g hearing aid batteries and cleaning products.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Magpies Dental Practice Brush up on their Communications with ONELAN

Magpies Dental Practice is a modern busy UK National Health Service and private practice, offering a range of treatments and holistic facilities to its patients.

The practice was looking for a way to communicate other services and treatments available which patients were not always aware of e.g cosmetic dentistry offerings.

Magpies realise that informative advice to a captive audience benefits patients, and by using digital signage from ONELAN to do this differentiates them from other practices. The dental practice staff can log in via an Internet browser and navigate to change a layout, add content or send a message. This is customisable and flexible, and suits the way they work. They are able to communicate new treatments and facilities while showing up-to-date news, weather and TV. Layouts are scheduled to times to suit the audience. For example CBeebies is shown between 3:30pm – 4:30pm when most of the patients are school children, reverting back to BBC News 24. Magpies Dental Practice also find the ability to add PowerPoint™ files to a playlist particularly useful.

Two screens show the same content in two separate waiting rooms representing an ideal opportunity for education and informative news to be absorbed by the visiting patient. The Media player is connected to their current network and uses a reserved IP address. Administration of the ONELAN system can therefore be accessed from any network PC.

Access to the ONELAN media a player is via the reception PC. A series of shortcuts enable a quick message to be sent to the screen as well as uploading multiple content using the FTP shortcut folder. Because the ONELAN system is accessed via any Internet Browser, these shortcuts are also replicated on the office PC in the surgery basement.

Content runs on a loop but looks fresh as the layouts changes regularly. A TV channel shown in a zone always makes the screen look current.

Patients can be seen looking at the screen while waiting to see the dentist. The result is a soothing distraction before their appointment. Cost benefits are not measured purely from the up-sale of content on the display screen, however increases in revenue and questions being asked relating to the content seen on the screen have been seen compared to leaflets and more traditional methods of information dissemination.

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