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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Aramark Cooks up a Storm with ONELAN

Aramark have installed ONELAN digital signage at Codelco, Chile’s largest mining company.

Aramark have a contract with Codelco to manage and operate their canteens. The contract requires them to supply accurate menus; if these are incorrect they are fined.

Real samples of each dish on the menu had to be displayed in each cafeteria, but because of the conditions in the mine cafeterias, these did not last very well, and by the end of each day did not look very appetizing.

Aramark wanted an automated, hygienic way to show menus in the 30 different cafeterias located throughout Codelco’s mines.

The solution needed to show the correct menu choices, including menu of the day and healthy eating campaign information with calorific value and colour coding for each dish: green for organic choices, yellow for meat, red for less healthy options.

Aramark selected digital signage, and ONELAN specifically, due to its Ad-hoc capability, the ability to combine a sound track with moving text and ability to connect to different RSS feeds. In addition the ONELAN Century Net Top Box (NTB) 510 can be installed behind the screen.

Grupo Clan, ONELAN’S distributor in Chile supplied the digital signage and managed the installation. 60 ONELAN NTB 510s are networked & monitored remotely via a ONELAN Digital Signage Manager (DSM) using the customers’ network. One NTB 620 publisher is installed in Grupo Clan’s headquarters in addition to a ONELAN DSM SC1000, and an FTP server. The screens used throughout the cafeterias are 40” LCDs.

Grupo Clan manage the system via the DSM. They schedule the menu for the month including replacement menu options in advance, while the cafeteria staff use the Ad-hoc capability to instantly change dishes that run out during the day.

End result
Aramark are very happy with their ONELAN digital signage, as they are able to give a better cafeteria service to Codelco and at the same time make the mine canteens look much more up to date.

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