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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

ONELAN at TOTALmedia in Spain

September 2011…ONELAN will be supporting RPS Audiovisuales at the TOTALmedia show (Stand 37) on Wed 28 September, 2011 to Thurs 29 September, 2011 in Madrid, Spain. RPS Audiovisuales have also entered three TOTALmedia awards with ONELAN in the following categories: major digital signage installation, interactive kiosk and digital signage software.

Monday, 26 September 2011

NHS Rotherham Operates Inhouse TV with ONELAN

NHS Rotherham’s QTV service is a television network that distributes health information (signposting service information, health promotion campaigns etc) to television screens located within patient waiting areas throughout the Rotherham borough. It is designed, developed and managed by NHS Rotherham Creative Media Services (CMS). Starting from programme production through to networked distribution and broadcast, QTV is run very much as a public service TV station with its own unique channel brand.

NHS Rotherham have been delivering content via QTV since 1997. It has evolved from VHS tapes, through to DVDs (delivered every two months), and finally the current ONELAN digital signage solution. The CMS production team researched alternative programme delivery systems before establishing the ONELAN system as an excellent solution to meet their needs.

The CMS production team wanted a very exacting system to meet their requirements; they needed to work closely with their equipment suppliers 'Universal AV' and ONELAN to ensure that ONELAN Net Top Box (NTB) processor speeds and CAT5 network issues were resolved and the screen system was not compromised by the strain of continuous video processing.

Programmes are scheduled into the daily play list located on one of the ONELAN Net-Top-Box (NTB) 5005’s. The production team keeps two NTB’s in the studio, one as a test bed for quality control/training purposes and the other as their main publisher box. Once encoded, content is published and uploaded to a dedicated FTP server. Finally overnight downloads are made across the local NHS IT network to avoid interruptions to critical clinical IT activities and maximise usage of NHS bandwidth. This results in a seamless public facing information service that can be updated and refreshed daily if required.

The TV screens are subdivided into zones, which display continuous video programmes, local breaking news in the form of scrolling text, along with time and a tickertape for adhoc information specific to each screen location. Hourly updates of news and current affairs through the medium of BBC News24 are delivered through the freeview TV input available on receiving sites’ ONELAN NTB 5005s.

CMS worked hard to find the best encryption algorithm for their video media to maintain the quality of the finished programmes. Tony Bates, Videographer and Deputy Manager of CMS, said
"We had to raise our game with production values and content management, especially as our locally produced content is up for direct comparison with the production values of the BBC News24 programmes, which hit the screens at the top of each hour, and then run seamlessly into QTV programmes. NHS Rotherham take it as a great compliment that the public think local content is produced by some London based outfit, when asked in a recent service survey which informed an academic research project."

A research project “Building Sustainable Health Capital in Rotherham” conducted in partnership with Manchester Business School, showed how very effective this form of information delivery system is in gaining real terms health capital.

Compared to other forms of receiving health information it was rated by patients as only second to receiving trusted information directly from a doctor or other clinician.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Monaghan Libraries Read up on ONELAN

Monaghan Community Forum required a series of digital signage noticeboards which community groups could be trained to use for promoting local events in libraries. A wide range of users needed to easily access and update the boards with eye catching content both locally and remotely.

A ONELAN digital signage system was chosen by Monaghan Community Forum. ONELAN 510P and 620P Century Net Top Boxes (NTBs) were installed in five locations driving 42” LCD flat screens. Several NTBs are networked and controlled centrally, allowing library staff to collaborate on content.

The fully installed noticeboard system has been well received. Following expert onsite training, library staff can update content quickly and easily. Monaghan Community Forum are delighted with the ONELAN solution:

“All five notice boards were installed within a matter of weeks and our staff were given a number of training sessions. As the notice boards were erected in the libraries, additional training was provided for a designated staff member from each of the libraries. This was invaluable to us and meant that updates could also be uploaded on a local level.”
Dara MacGhabhainn, Monaghan Community Forum.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Shanghai Bund Sightseeing Tunnel grows revenues with ONELAN digital signage

Located along the famous Shanghai bund, the bund sightseeing tunnel connects the Puxi to the Oriental Pearl Radio and Television Tower in Pudong.

Modern technologies are applied to the interior walls of the tunnel, providing passengers with pictures, patterns and views to make them feel as if they were right at the scene.

As part of the bund sightseeing tunnel’s tenth anniversary, a photography booth service was started. The bund management were looking for innovative ways to promote their latest offering. They chose digital signage as they decided that it would be an excellent tool to attract the attention of potential customers.

• State of the art display system which complements existing technology in the tunnel
• Ability to play high-definition MPEG videos and JPEGs
• Crystal clear sound system to broadcast audio content
• Easy picture file transfer via FTP to enable rapid display to screens
• Attractive and dynamic content creation

A ONELAN 510 Net-Top-Box was installed to drive two 47” screens, both of which are located at the Puxi entrance of the sightseeing tunnel. There are similar plans to do the same at the Pudong entrance.

The bund management were impressed with the content developed by ONELAN China, which includes a layout enhanced by dynamic video and images. The easy drag and drop function using the FTP server allows digital photographs of potential customers to be displayed almost instantaneously on the TV screens. This enables customers to check their photographs thoroughly prior to purchase.

The combination of smooth audio and visual content has attracted considerable attention from tunnel visitos, prompting many to stop and take photographs at the booth.

“ONELAN’s system has created endless marketing possibilities for the sightseeing tunnel … and has increased our visitor revenue.” Mrs Yang, Bund Sightseeing Tunnel’s Staff Supervisor.

Friday, 9 September 2011

New Distributor in Hong Kong for ONELAN

ONELAN have signed up a new distributor, Verrex Distribution Limited to increase their coverage in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region.

Part of the Verrex family of companies, Verrex Distribution Limited is an authorized distributor of professional conferencing, collaboration and presentation technologies. The company connects its customers – pro-AV integrators, dealers and consultants throughout Hong Kong and other Asia Pacific regions – with quality-assured products, technical support and training. They are delighted to have added ONELAN to their portfolio.

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