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Thursday, 20 October 2011

ONELAN Wins Digital Signage Manufacturer of the Year AV Award 2011

ONELAN is delighted to have won the Digital Signage Manufacturer of the Year Award at the prestigious AV Awards 2011. ONELAN’s continuing success is underpinned by strong international sales growth with 50% of production exported in 2010 representing 116% growth from 2009.
ONELAN has enjoyed the best ever turnover growth and increased profit since starting in the digital signage business around ten years ago. By introducing innovations in marketing, product design and sales, ONELAN is now reaping the rewards and growing market share across a wide range of sectors including Digital Out of Home (DOOH), Education, Retail, Health and Leisure.
The company has grown considerably over the last year, increasing sales turnover by 32% even in these hard economic times. The growth has been in part to the new product development, which in turn benefits the industry, and in part to sales growth based on marketing activities to increase market share globally.

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